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The Editors Letter


It’s time to take action. Right?

We’re all sick to the back teeth of reading reports of yet more vandalism and theft in and around our beautiful village. Small fires, anti-social behaviour and even stones being removed from the church to name but a few.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a magic wand to make any of this go away. It’s not 1950 and we can’t just go up to the perpetrators and give them a good ‘clip round the ear’ and march them back home (as much as we may be tempted to). Home, these days, doesn’t seem to have as much clout as it used to.

It’s a sad fact that there’s so much negativity currently surrounding Kirton mostly from it’s own residents. We chose to live here, we must like something about it (I know I could list many things)!

My only offering is to suggest a Community Action Group. I’ve seen a few people suggesting similar ideas recently. This doesn’t have to be a group to tackle the anti-social behaviour, it could be very general to start with.

“Community groups are fundamental to creating sustainable communities. People coming together to form a group helps to improve a community and aides social inclusion, alleviates exclusion, and increases the amount of people directly involved in their community – all essential ingredients for any community striving to be sustainable”. - From www.brighterfuturestogether.co.uk

Luckily, we all don’t have identical opinions on things (now that would be boring) and we don’t all have the same backgrounds, jobs or lifestyles. Because of this, you could all bring something to the table. If you feel that you need some more information before organising a group of your own, then please contact me. I’m happy to chat with anyone about getting involved in community based activities.

Community Action Groups are a great way of coming together and making a difference (doesn’t matter how big or small or what specific area you want to tackle, see the letter regarding the Friday group on page 9). It could be anything from the problem of dog fouling to money raising ideas.

Please write in with your ideas or feel free to post on the Community Facebook page. I’m sure you will find other like minded folks out there!



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