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Greetings, did you all get lasts month’s little puzzle then? The first piece of ‘false news’ was, of course the stop press on page 6. The second the statement that there were THREE pieces of false news. That being the second there were in fact only two. Sorry about that! Several of you made up your own answers with other bits but I’m afraid that was it.

The next bit is, however, very much the current truth. I have been involved with Kirton News for some seven years now - editing, ad manager-ing, accounting, photographing (with recent help), and reporting for six. Along with the rest of the committee, particularly Mary Rayner and Audrey Forinton who have served much longer than myself and to whom I shall always be indebted, we have resurrected a failing product and attempted to inform educate and entertain you. But we all feel that we have done our bit.

So the call goes out for others of you - I reckon a minimum of five - to come to the fore and take over production.

We have, as most of you know, a website and a lot of folks, quite literally from all over the globe, view it regularly. I have several Antipodeans (ex pat Kirtonians) who contact me. That website was more than adequate in its infancy and does serve as a unique archive. But in present times it looks crude and simplistic and it needs to be revitalized and to move on if Kirton News is going to continue to interest and serve a more youthful and growing market.

I have been involved in print design of one sort or another all of the 40 plus years of my working life and will continue to believe in its validity as a product. The ‘Hard Copy’ Kirton News does, I believe, still have a place as a ‘coffee table’ ready reference for local trades people and I know many benefit from that but - rail against it or not - the Internet is here to stay.

I have had thoughts about cutting print production down to a bi-monthly publication. Reduced annual print costs could benefit advertisers cost-wise. More could be done with a more comprehensive on-line product which is immediately up-datable. Especially from the point of view of publicizing events and breaking local news or flagging up problems or peoples sudden and unexpected need for assistance. But that would need constant monitoring and the sort of knowledge and attention I don’t have and, quite frankly, am not prepared to give. I do believe there may also be the possibility of cultivating a revenue stream from on-line advertising.

I will be the first to admit that the growing success of Kirton News has become a bit of an Albatross for me. I know the effort and time I put in which is why I reckon four or five of you - who know one another and are in regular contact - might be needed to comfortably carry this on.

I have had an enormous amount of positive feed back over time for which I am humbled. I do think many of you out there respect and benefit from the product. But do enough of you care sufficiently to ensure it carries on and (hopefully) thrives and develops?

Please get in touch. I am happy to remain at the helm to fulfill advertisers contracts up to and including the April 2018 edition. But after that both myself and the rest of the present committee are off; and Kirton News will be a comfortable memory. Over to you.



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