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The Editor's Letter


Welcome to our bumper Summer issue! This issue is extra special, as you can see by our front page! Lifelong Kirton resident Stan Naylor turns 100 years young at the beginning of July. I joked with him last year that I’d feature him in Kirton News (I’m not sure he believed me) but we’ve gone one better and made him front page news! I spent a morning with Stan and Joyce a few months ago and we had a lovely chat and a coffee. Take a look at page 10 to read more about Stan’s life and one of his many wonderful poems.

Now, after 4 years of being the Editor of this lovely little mag, I’m sure you all know that I usually like to keep my letters bright and breezy. But, I was very disappointed recently to receive a clipping from a previous issue posted to me anonymously. It was an article from Kirton Kids Club and the person who posted it was a bit disgruntled that their logo (which shows a silhouette of children playing), didn’t include any ‘white faces’. I must say, I was shocked at first and then really quite sad that these attitudes still exist. I’m hoping that the person who posted this to me will read this, realise that the year is 2022 and know that any form of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated by Kirton News. Kirton Kids Club logo will remain the same as it has for a good few years (without previously causing any offence).

It was wonderful to see the village come out to support the various Platinum Jubilee events. Regardless of the very changeable weather, Graves Park was very well attended and enjoyed by all. Kirton Parish Council’s Jubilee Picnic in the Park event on Saturday the 4th of June went very well and Chairman Peter Watson has written an article of thanks to all those who attended and supported the event. See page 5.

We have lots for you to pore through in this issue! Our regular gardening expert Tim Hewett is back again, this time to tell you to take that well earned rest and enjoy your garden (as well as doing a bit of deadheading!), see more on Page 7. In our ‘Meet the Locals’ feature on Page 9 we’re talking to Rachel Walton who is the new owner of Kirton Foot Care! Kirton Kids Club and Kirton Primary school have sent in their newsletters and as always there are lots of events coming up!

I’m, as ever, contactable on Editor@kirtonnews.co.uk. I’m always more than happy to receive letters, gardening questions, book recommendations, recipes, announcements or news articles!

Take care of yourselves.



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