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Here we go then. All hold your hands in the air ‘cause we’re not scared and we're not holding on in the roller coaster ride into BREXIT (Even if it does sound like a breakfast cereal!) Mother Theresa may not be putting the bins out but she might like to re-consider her own back yard. Let’s hope she realizes what we have with our multi-cultural community as it has developed (over many centuries); and concludes that, what ever opinion may hold sway in the short term, it should be educated, maintained and grown to everyone’s advantage.

As a rural community, and historically reliant on seasonal, peripatetic labour, we have considerations that the financial and political centres may not be conscious of - or at least conveniently ignore. We in Lincolnshire are very much on the front line of many issues that can spiral out of significance on a national or even global scale, but remain supremely relevant. You have to look at economics in a wider perspective than just the ‘Immigration issue’ which - in my opinion - was the single consideration for many to vote “Leave”.

Now the creep on whose shoulders we should squarely lay the blame for this current mess is, of course, David Cameron, our erstwhile late Etonian PM.

Thinking he could get an ‘easy’ in to the next Parliament by offering a referendum, that’s just what he did, imagining that in no way would the British public vote to leave the EU. But he told us nothing except it would be a straight “YES” or “NO”.

The irony - I think - is that had he [and his gnomes] spent a few more weeks putting a more informative case together and telling ‘His People’ exactly what a can of worms might be opened with such a chosen path, or even offering re-negotiations instead of an exit strategy, then he could still be in his cushy number as First Lord of the Admiralty. When it went wrong he bailed out. And doubtless took the more lucrative multi-boardroom option.

What a prat. But we ‘May’ have been saved!

An equally urgent issue should be to control the rise and rise of the ‘Supermarket’. The assassin of the corner shop; the grocer; the ironmonger; the butcher; the baker and, as importantly, the pub.

Stand by what used to be the Stag and Pheasant and look south with thirty year-old eyes.

It’s a local tragedy but a national malaise.

I feel I should redress the political balance now and be totally Corbin.

Let’s face it. If we were all a bit less concerned with our own lot and thought about others a bit more. If we all realized that others may be going through this pain - or worse - and we might be able to help. If those who ‘earn’ (and I use the word cautiously) far more than they would ever need could distribute that wealth more evenly. If you could just turn to the person next to you on the bus (or, I suppose, tube or high speed rail network - if you’re nowhere near the East Coast) and say “Hello”.

Wouldn’t it be a bit special? Wouldn’t it be better?

You don’t have to run an economy on greed or think that, just because you may be on top, you deserve the lion’s share. Consider the steps you have trodden on to get to your dizzy height. Beware sudden attacks of Vertigo. Here comes Summer.



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