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The Editor's Letter


Hello to you all! Are we out of the woods yet or not? As I write to you, Euro ‘2020’ has just started and it almost, just almost feels like a ‘normal’ Summer again (plus the good weather is finally here)! I have no idea what will happen on 21st June and when you read this, we will know one way or another. But, if it’s not what everyone hoped for, we can only have faith that it is for the greater good.

My Mum and I visited the playground in the grounds of Kirton Town Hall earlier today. Kirton Parish Council have very kindly purchased and dedicated one of the two benches there in honour of my Dad, the late Alan Lee. I wanted to write here in my letter that we are both very humbled and grateful and that we know Dad would really have loved it.

This issue we’re talking to Rebecca Bemrose, former Parish Councillor and very much a Kirton girl! We talk about our local community, what Kirton means to her and her memories of growing up here.

I have a copy of ‘The Church in Kirton & Community News’, the ancestor of Kirton News from July/August 1996! The opening letter from the Parish was penned by Derek Beaumont. Editor at the time was Mrs B Pinder, Secretary was Mrs G Streeter and the Treasurer was Mr G Pinder. We had a riddle submitted by Mr S Naylor and there was also an article where a reader had visited the Black Bull for a bar meal and a pint. They were served by Betty and Ernie Lancaster and the total cost for a meal for two including drinks was £12.35! Richard Thorogood wrote in and said he had completed the London Marathon in 3 hours and 11 minutes and there was a centre page feature on Parker Yachts and Dinghies from Horseshoe Lane. In her letter as Editor, Mrs Pinder mentioned that she had just received a phone call from Counsellor Steve Graves informing her that funding had been granted for a building in Kirton which we now know is the Youth Centre!

These old copies give such a wonderful insight into what a vibrant community we had (and still do have)! I will look through more of these and share some more memories with you in future issues.

One final thing, we’ve included a leaflet from Boston Borough Council on what rubbish should be put in which bin. I know this is such a contentious subject at the moment so that’s all I’m saying on the matter. Please don’t shoot the messenger!!!

I’m always contactable on Editor@kirtonnews.co.uk.



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