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Christmas is coming and the Goose is getting fat..... etc. But ha’pennies don’t go far these days and that’s about what I make out of doing this so I can see one reason why my request for a take-over of the helm, made in November, has been met with an emphatic ‘don’t-give-a-buggerish’ show of non interest. Ho-hum. But I did think there might be a couple of folks who would show concern enough about this community to have a go.

What a Silly Old Hector, eh? It’s my optimism that keeps me going.

But let us press on. The front cover this month shows the advertising banners on the fence outside the war memorial and some concerned villagers (one in particular who voiced an opinion) have found it in poor taste to, seemingly, take the memory of our ‘Glorious Dead’ in vain.

I suppose an alternative view would be that those individuals gave their lives (gladly or no) fighting for our freedom to keep switching on those lights, enjoy an innocent children’s choir at Christmas and have parents and grandparents to care for in their dotage. If anyone else would like to express their thoughts on such matters then remember our next edition will be February 2018 - copy deadline January 11th.

Speaking of heroes the Spring of 2018 sees the hundreth anniversary of the military action which won Kirton’s own Sergeant Harold Jackson the Victoria Cross.

There will be commemorations and the laying of a personalized paving stone within the Memorial garden and more of that next year. If any of you out there know of the whereabouts of any of Sgt. Jackson’s living relatives then I’m certain the Parish Council would be more than interested. Please let me know at the usual address(es) or contact Belinda Buttery, Clerk to Kirton Parish Council on 01205 460618.

So, as is custom at the turn of the year we can allow a bit of reflection. It’s a fond farewell to Andrew Skiba at the clock shop and the best of wishes to him and his missus for a long, happy and healthy retirement.

Hello and welcome to the occupants and owners of the new One Stop store on London Road and Happy first birthday to the folks at The Merry Monk.

Seasons greeting to all the traders and businesses out there trying to keep their powder dry and make an honest bob  (particularly those who advertise with KN). Keep mucking in.

I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘best wishes and thank you’ to the Kirton News Committee and all our excellent, patient and hard working volunteers who bring this missive to your letter boxes throughout the year.

But, most of all, Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year to YOU, dear reader.

I’ll bet this is the most expensive card you get this season!!!!



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