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The Editors Letter


My June prediction was correct... Summer IS here, hurrah!

Ready for some more unguarded left wing comments? (see letters page). Ever since taking on this publication I have hoped that some worthwhile debate might ensue. Perhaps we’re getting there. PLEASE contribute.

Anyway, with the passing of the Solstice let’s muse on time (Brexit deadlines aside).

I listened to a radio interview with a musician (one I favour) this morning - Richard Hawley. Seek him out if you haven’t before. One time member of Pulp he has not had the easiest of passages but has managed to preserve a genuinely pragmatic view of how his life has passed. His style is steady, ‘laid back’ and contemplative and both he and the listener takes the benefit.

My Father was a Gardener by profession - ‘Contemplation’ his by-word and ‘Nature’ his ‘muse’ though he was quite a fan of Bob Dylan, Don Maclean and Georges Simenon. One of my earliest memories involving him - of which there are precious few - is of squatting on the edge of a trench in a large field with a nine inch stick in my chubby three year old - or so hand planting seed potatoes. He taught me much, and I oftentimes wish I had remembered more. And he taught not from a desk but from just being out there with me, the worms and the bees and the rain and the sunshine. Time passed at his pace; though he never let anyone down and supported my Mother, myself and three siblings for as long as we needed it.

He wasn’t phased by a ‘beep’ or annoying tune on a mobile; he answered to no one - except Mother - but helped whoever came along with a genuine need or a problem. In those days you knew everyone ‘down the street’ and the fruit and veg grown on his two-or-so acre rented small holding was generously distributed (once the ‘tatey grave’ was full and the ‘chittin’ boxes of apples, were blanketed with newspaper; the pickles were made and the jam securely bottled). We had some terrific Guy Fawkes bonfires for the whole street.

Time passed but, it seemed, slowly, almost endless - it was all taken in.

He died, aged ninety two, cancer and cholesterol free with no heart issues; ten and a half stone - the same weight as when he was eighteen - content, just simply worn out.

How many of you under seventy reading this will be able to say the same?

I have a particular bugbear (and NOT a cross between an insect and a mammal - ref: Milton Jones) about the Internet, Social Media and generally the way the Ordinary (us) have been shepherded into a corral of confusion over the last twelve-or-so years. The Ordinary, (and I hate the use of that because we are far from ‘ordinary’ - we are all ‘special’) have allowed ourselves to be manipulated. It doesn’t need to be that way. Time, our ‘time’ - our lives have become measured and marked by these silicone standards. And that is entirely wrong.

Time to take back the flower of four million years of evolution and say “NO” to the Prophets (read “PROFITS”) of doom.

Between now and when I next ‘speak’ to you in September how about taking a ‘time out’ - and you don’t realize how much effort it took to use that hateful Americanism - and spend 24 hours with your mobile switched off. Desperate or immediate concerns and circumstances aside, of course.

If you want to chat with someone go and see them face-to-face.

It has been proven that well over eighty percent of mobile telephone calls are made to people less than a mile and a half away from the caller. A brisk 25 minute walk. AND you lower your cholesterol doing it !!

Hang up - stay fit - stay community-ish connected.

And have a great Summer.



It’s so much more than
(Cottage) Pie in the sky!

Martin Jessop -
The Outlaw


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