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Yep, the heat has most definitely left the building! Autumn is here to stay for a little while whether we like it or not. But I shan't complain and say I'm cold, No siree! All I will say is that my new hobby (crochet) will definitely be put to good use over the next few months.

It's never a good feeling to be drawing those curtains earlier and earlier as the nights pull in, especially if you're on your own. If, like me, you have a hobby to turn to, then fantastic as the TV can't always be relied upon for riveting entertainment can it? But if not, then perhaps try and start something new? I appreciate that something like crochet would be difficult if you have arthritis or stiff joints as it's very repetitive but there are many other things you could try. If you're confident online then great, Google is your friend! I searched 'hobbies' this afternoon and there are lots of realistic suggestions. If you like writing and fancy having a column in Kirton News, please contact me! We always welcome ways to enrich the magazine and make it an interesting read for everyone.

If, however, you would like some company or would like to make new friends here are a few ideas:

• Frampton have a thriving
WI who meet every second Thursday at Frampton Village Hall (I appreciate you also need to be female for this)!

• The Friday Group are always looking for new volunteers to keep Kirton looking it's best.

• There is always a warm drink and a friendly face at the Town Hall's coffee morning every Friday.

• Lincolnshire Heritage have events (mostly free) on most months. www.heritagelincolnshire.org.uk

• Kirton library are always looking for volunteers for a few hours every week.

• Start a Book Club! Kirton News will always be happy to advertise for members in any new group.

• The Town Hall Management Committee are always looking for new members.

• The simplest of all these things though, is going for a walk. Whether you can stride a couple of miles or manage a few steps, it's so important to get out for some fresh air. Wherever you live in Kirton, you have some beautiful country lanes that are very close by. This month's wonderful front cover photo was taken by Marie Bishop who was on such a walk just a few steps from her house.

I hope this has inspired you just a little bit. The Autumn and Winter months sometimes feel very long indeed and if helping to volunteer or joining a local group helps to combat even one person's loneliness then it was definitely worth it.

Please write to me or email me with any recipes, stories or articles we can use in future. I would love to hear from you.



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