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The Editor's Letter


IIf you had asked me back in the Summer about Covid-19, specifically how long I thought we would be in lockdown for, I would have probably said, ‘Well, by the New Year we should see things easing again,’ And that’s genuinely what I thought. I was always focused on the New Year and was sure that 2021 would be better, if not entirely back to normal.

But, we find ourselves in another lockdown and as I write this it is mid November exactly (15th) and the days, weeks and months have somehow rolled into one large chunk of repetition. I consider myself lucky in some ways; I still go out to work every day and my children are in school. There is some comfort in that normality. But, I realise for some who are stuck at home and I do use the word ‘stuck’ on purpose, these last 8 months have felt like a decade.

Christmas, for many, will be entirely different this year, let’s face it. Even if the lockdown is raised on 2nd December, we won’t be able to go out as much or enjoy the large family gatherings that some of us are used to. My letter in last December’s issue listed at least 4 different festive events in Kirton from Carol services to Christmas Fayres and I will miss those greatly this year.

But, hopefully it will only be for this year. My priorities for this Christmas and the start of 2021 are to make the most of what I have and to remember how lucky I am. Try and think of people you know who will be on their own at this sometimes quite frightening time. Can you provide some food or help in any way? At the end of the day, we need to do what we can while still being sensible so we don’t see a repeat of 2020! If anyone would like to contact me with regards to supplying some Christmas cheer to vulnerable people in our village, then please do so. Kirton News will be happy to help but we can’t do it alone.

Just for a bit of fun, we are running a ‘Best Decorated House’ competition for the festive season. Opening on 28th November and running until 12th December, all the details will be on the Kirton, Frampton and Wyberton Facebook page. All entries will be in with a chance of winning a Grand prize and Runner Up prize and this will be awarded in time for Christmas!

As always I’m contactable on Editor@kirtonnews.co.uk. I don’t hear from many of you so I’m guessing you think that Kirton News is perfect as it is? There’s always room for improvement though isn’t there? I’d love for you to send me some suggestions to include in our 2021 issues.

See you all on the other side and I truly hope you stay well, safe and positive.



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