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September... Well, if it hadn’t been for that interfering Pope Gregory we would still only be in the SEVENTH month of the year instead of nine. Religion, again you see - cocking things up!

As the year relentlessly progresses and nature’s cycle plays out it’s (some would say homo sapienly affected) course it comes to me to pass on a few comments from local folk about naturally related village topics.

Thanks go out to the stealthy stalwart who keeps the verges neatly mowed down Church Lane.

A splendid Hurrah! to Cheers Nursery who, inspite of occasional vandals, continue to delight most of us with the multifarious floral displays in the village centre. More power to Dave (and Anthony) Luto’s elbow for the brightness at The Bull and congratulations to newcomers Kirton Cottage for winning this season’s Kirton in Bloom.

If I have missed anyone - and I most certainly will have done - who have put so much into beautifying their surroundings then apologies, but your efforts are most certainly appreciated; by me, anyway.

A couple of other things to say: THIS IS NOT THE “CHURCH” MAGAZINE, OR THE PARISH MAGAZINE: it is for the Village and Villagers of all persuasion, irrespective of ethnicity or religion; LGBTQIA: MCC; PLJ; or otherwise and will remain so as long as I am at the helm (which may not be much longer, but more in October) but we are most pleased to welcome [Fr] Paul and Maggie Blanch into the community who take over at SS. Peter & Paul’s this month and wish them well in their incumbency. I hope they make efforts to engage us all, behind and beyond the rood screen.

Circumstances have dictated that we have had to publish earlier this month and so some stuff has been missed that might otherwise have been flagged up but, I have been asked to bring your erstwhile attention to the up and coming Last Night of the Proms (see opposite)

And finally, for many years a gang of dedicated [mature] volunteers have been turning out on a Friday morning to do their bit to keep Kirton tidy. Autumn is obviously a particularly busy time with the leaf fall. Unfortunately their numbers have declined over recent time, in fact the mob is often down to only two so I have been asked to put the word out for more troops to join this merry band. Just turn up in the centre of the village on a Friday around ten a.m. and meet The Friday Club. Bring a rake/spade/hoe, whatever, bend your back and enjoy the satisfaction of a good deed well done in the fresh air. It would be nice to see a few of you ladies there too.

I do believe there is a cup of tea involved at the Town Hall afterwards. So, until October - Pyongyang permitting - take care;



Hello from
Father Paul

Guys v Girls;
The Result


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