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And so, with the strains of the magnificent Pete & Dud ringing in my ears it is time to yield that sigh. It’s been a hoot. Taking on the reigns of a product then in it’s twilight moments I do allow myself a small sweet sherry in celebration of how far Kirton News has come over the last six summers.

I think much has been achieved and several debates confronted; some concluded.

In my very first editorial of October 2011 I banged on about ‘community’. In the years since I wonder now if that community has grown and flourished or declined and been dishonoured.

It has most certainly changed. One of my [currently] hated phrases - ‘Social Media’ - has, I believe, been the most pervasive influence on ‘community’ over recent times, both locally, nationally and world-wide.

Used wisely it can be excellent and beneficent. But abused it can be poisonous and fatal. And abuse it we do - to our collective shame.

Your problem. I’m looking forward to dumping my e-mail address and turning my ‘mobile’ into a coaster when all this is over.

I shall be concentrating even more on (what should be) one of the ventricles at the heart of this village and persuing my Tiresian ideals sat in a corner of the Black Bull. If you see me and feel charitable it’s a Timothy Taylor, or if you’re flush a Laphroaig. If you see me in the gutter, just give me a good kick. Either will suffice.

I was tempted to take the opportunity of a final outing to mention the paucity of our local Parish Council and the inefectiveness of their influence: and of both the Borough and County to sufficiently service, or just recognize, rate payers on the outer limits such as ourselves. Those same Councils who seem insistent on bullying us into having some of the most productive agricultural soil in England given over to ‘Luxury, Executive’ housing don’t seem to be bothered about fixing the odd pothole in a pavement. A few words spring to mind like “furthering” and “interest” - or “piss-up” and “brewery”.

But I’m not going down to that level. So I will simply say.....

THANKS. To all you advertisers who have kept this thing above water and please, please, continue in your support of the new Team.

THANKS. To all those who have contributed stories, articles, thoughts, poems and memories and muses that have kept us all entertained. Please keep them coming in.

THANKS. Most of all to all of the distributors - many of you anonymous to me - because, as I have said before, I could not have done this without you.

Please continue your support for the new regime. Be patient; it’s a big thing to organize and there will be ‘blips’. But stay with it.

I believe in it; I shall, desperately, miss you all.

Most finally, and not with a bang, but a whimper,

I wish you all Good Bye;



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