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The Editors Letter


Let’s talk about something happy this time. This is my third letter to you all (where’s the time gone?) I’ve introduced myself and I’ve also had a moan! It’s now Summertime (some of the time) and I felt I should write about something which I’m sure puts a smile on most of our faces.

I love to bake. It’s in my top three hobbies list, the others being singing and crochet/knitting (the latter I’ve only just started and I swear I should be able to make a cardigan by now, it’s been a week!) I’ve had many baking triumphs and a few flops (I swear I could hear Craig Revel Horwood whispering in my ear, ‘that was a disarster daaarling.’) But, we live and learn. I’m only in my thirties. Ok, I’m very nearly at the end of them but I definitely think I’ve got a good few decades left to learn a few more tricks.

I can’t bake to save my life! I’ve heard that many times. But I don’t believe it for one minute! So, I’m going to prove it to you. I’ve shared my all time favourite chocolate cake recipe on page 23. It’s foolproof I promise you! It’s an American recipe (bear with me) so before you roll your eyes and retrieve Mary Berry’s Baking Bible back off the shelf, just give it a go and see! Never for one minute would I claim that this will replace your favourite Victoria Sandwich recipe but I must have made it over 30 to 40 times and it NEVER fails to please.

If just one person decides to give it a try instead of ‘nipping to Tesco’ to buy an overpriced pud, I will have succeeded! If you do make it, do let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.

Gosh, all that blurb for a chocolate cake? But, I think you’ll all agree that a good old slice of cake and a cuppa is something else that brings us all together. I’m thinking about Kirton Village Day specifically, which really is just around the corner! It’s being held at the Town Hall on Sunday 8th July (see page 13 for more information). I personally am very much looking forward to the variety of cakes that will be provided by the Monday Club - I must mention Carol Meeds in particular. I know many of you will have tried one of Carol’s cakes/bakes in the past. She never fails to impress, not only because her wares are delicious but also for the sheer volume she manages to bring with her!

I do hope many of you can come along and support the event. It’s put together by a band of volunteers for your enjoyment! There will be lots to do for the whole family. See you after the Summer!



Village Day
At Kirton Town Hall

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