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The Editors Letter


Greetings good people: with those longer nights approaching I have been sat cosseted in my cardie musing on what to attempt to entertain you with this month.

I even had to consult the memsahib as to what bait I might put on October’s hook to try to catch a few of you ‘crabs’ out there, but to no avail.

“Well, what has upset you this month” she spiritedly inquired and I had to admit, somewhat shame facedly, “Not a lot really”

Surprisingly (especially for me) little has stuck in my craw of late - even ol’ Donald Mc Trumpington has lost much of his comedic value but he did prompt a comment on the radio the other day.

With his constant ‘tweets’ about fake news it was mentioned that some of the major culprits are those on-line sites who rely entirely on advertising to fund their activities. They love to feed in the odd testing taradiddle. These mendacious spin doctors delight at leading us further into their sites with spurious sensationalism where we can’t help to be eventually wooed into spending our hard earned dosh on the most ridiculous new gadget or toy which we “can’t possibly do without” that flits briefly, almost subliminally, across the side of the screen. I guess that’s what passes for ‘business’ these days, and the likes of “Amazon ‘R’ Us” seem to be well on track to rule the world.

However, the comment did prompt me to think hey, wait a minute; ‘Kirton News’ relies [almost entirely; but all donations gratefully received] on advertising revenue. Are we falling behind the trend by NOT feeding in the odd petty perfidy or flight of fancy? Are we doing you good people a dis-service by not leading you into a dust bowl of deceit with the odd mirage or monkeyshine?

So, as a little tester - for this month only - I have woven in to the fabric of our October edition three ingenious pieces of FALSE NEWS.

How about that to keep you occupied for a few minutes as those lengthening evenings take their toll.

No prizes involved for those who spot what I’ve done but remember..... cunning is everything. Even in print, don’t always believe what you see.



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