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The Editors Letter


I'm sitting here writing this letter to you all on the 11th day of the 11th month. Once again, I was completely blown away by the number of people turning out for our Rememberance Day parade. The behaviour of all the children involved, the smart uniforms and the humble silence and respect makes me feel incredibly proud to be part of our village. Today will also remain in my memory for an altogether different reason.......hearing Father Paul mention the word 'bra' twice in his sermon. It was definitely one of those 'you had to be there' moments!

Update: Sadly, I have had to update my letter to you a week later after someone kindly left their chips strewn across the memorial. After only a day or two, a place which is so sacred and that brought so many of us together for a short while had been reduced to a dumping ground. There are actual bins you know, only a few footsteps away. I have no words for the level of disregard and disrespect shown in that quick action. I don't have a solution for it either, as I fear the problem is a lot bigger than can be solved by a few posters or an extra CCTV camera. Do we have any village stocks? Answers on a postcard...................

If you're one of the smug few who can say you have finished your Christmas shopping already, then I salute you. I have managed to purchase a few and make a few so it could be a lot worse!

What are your hopes for this festive season? I will be wishing for a healthy, calm and positive 2019 and the very swift passing of a significant birthday!

We always spend time together as a family over Christmas but even I can say that it's not the same as when I was a child. The huge family get togethers we had! The emergency chairs and the laughter! There seemed to be a different gathering every day between Christmas and New Year. One of the memories of those days was just how much we all ate!

My Nana's Boxing Day suppers were legendary with pastries and never ending cold turkey sandwiches. Sadly, many of those people are not with us anymore but I just hope that my own children enjoy this time of year as much as I did.

I'm also trying desperately to simplify things this year. To not buy gifts just for the sake of it or to cram my pantry with an obscene amount of food which at any other time of year would cost half as much. Less is more, as they say, whoever they are! But the important things are those that are sat around the table not what is on the table or under the tree.

I will leave you with the revelation that leftover Christmas Pudding is just fantastic mixed with Vanilla Ice Cream and that I hope you all have the Christmas and New Year you all wish for. See you in 2019!



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