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I do wish people would stop banging on about the ‘Referendum’ results and those whom we elected to serve us just get on with implementing what the people want.

It’s always the same with any organization or power base – if you upset ‘em, or go against their cosy ideals, they’ll stall until the cows come home (no pun intended).

Anyway... I have had a few locals venting their various spleens at me lately about several square feet of tarmac.

With reference to the photo included, the Windmills development (Persimmon Homes) on Boston Road seems to have decided, aparently randomly [a word I personally detest at the moment but is, in this case, appropriate] to finish the end of a footpath encroaching on the curtilage of the ‘new’ cemetary. And folks are asking why, with all of the frontage available east of that, it should be so.

Ownership of said ground seems to be uncertain.

As far as I am aware, the Parish Council’s responsibility stops the other side of the cemetary gates.

So is it the Borough or County Highways land, or just in public ownership? Do the Parish Council, purely by dint of the fact that they mow and look after the grass verges have some proprietory rights to it?

In either event can a developer just muscle in and snatch a piece of honest Lincolnshire soil in that way? Is it an encroachment on the village person or a violation of an already established institution? If anyone out there can enlighten me further I’ll gladly pass it on. Get in touch by the usual channels. This may prove to be another Sisyphian task to add to my already bulging bag – but why not?

Our little mag this month includes a contribution from a young man, Abdul Rahman Oyedele, who wishes to get into journalism. I feel quite flattered that he has chosen Kirton News to host his first published pieces and we will give him all the support we can.

Good luck Rahman.

As for the rest of you ... I hope there are some bits here to interest you and keep you informed. Keep up your contributions and we will keep popping this through your letter boxes.

And remember, Spring forward on March 26th and here’s a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who qualify.



A new path appears
at the Cemetary

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