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The Editors Letter


Well, what a momentous few days towards the end of April.

The entire staff at Kirton News International are gripped by election fever !!!

As I write this I am trembling at the thought of actually being able to, at last, guarantee Mother Theresa (II) her mandate to finally smash our (soon to be) former economic wardens into submission under the flaming banner of Liberty that is BREXIT!

Or is it just wind from last night’s Vindaloo?

Well, it’s going to be a tough few weeks of media bombardment calmed only by the comforting thought that we have the opportunity - a whole three years early - to put those that make the rules and pay themselves extortionate salaries at the expense of the Proletariat back into their comfy dragon green seats to snooze away another term. You may notice our local MP no longer advertises in this publication, though he would receive an entirely unbiased welcome if he chose to.

But, back to the reality that is Kirton in the Springtime. We have a packed edition for you this month, and would love to do same for future editions so, keep coming through with your thoughts, articles and features of interest to give them a wider voice.

I do have a couple of more unsavoury things to ‘flag up’ that locals have asked me to mention however - can KIrton Church have their blue re-cycling bin back please? It was, for whatever reason, taken after being emptied on Friday March 24th (or thereabouts). The good folk of the congregation would welcome its return.

Also I have to quote the leader of our Parish Council, Ian Turner, in a report (yet again) about misuse of the Skate Park which so many of you out there [the youth very much included] spent so much time and effort in establishing in the first place. It is dated April 6th.

“I am saddened to report that the Skate Park has been vandalized yet again, maybe you would like to make a statement in your editorial how sad this is after all the money spent on the park for the youths of our village. What path does the council follow now, as it is a cost each time we have to repair it for safety reasons? Or are we left considering having it removed.”

Stern words... but fair. It really is a matter for you young folk out there - who will inherit the responsibility for this neck of the Fens - to get a reality check and protect and keep what is good about this place.

Look after the community. You’ll probably be doing a far better job than those looking after the country! But you’ll have to do it voluntarily, as so many of us already do.

So, on to the next one. Cromwell has a lot to answer for, and so, perchance, do I.



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