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Frampton Pre-school

I’m nearly four years old and have been coming to Frampton Preschool since I was just 2, at first, I was a little bit scared and held on to Mummy’s legs, but I soon stopped doing that and run in on my own (Sometimes forgetting to give Mummy a kiss).

All the ladies say “Hello” they are always happy to see me, and I know if I get worried or hurt myself, they will make me feel better.

I have a “Special Lady” who makes sure I’m learning and doing the best that I can, she writes in a book and takes photos of me that I take home to show my Mummy, I love looking at it and talking to mummy about the photos.

First, I sit in a circle with all my friends, and we sing, count and have to think really hard about what the day and date is, we also talk about what’s going to happen today, I always feel better knowing what’s going to happen next.

I then go off and find what I want to do, there is so much to choose from, sometimes I play with my friends, sometimes my special lady comes and plays with me, she tells me I’m learning, but I think I’m tricking her because this just feels like playing.

In the middle of the morning when I get a little bit hungry, we have snack, first I go wash my hands “Because of nasty germs” then I sit with all the ladies and my friends, and we have a yummy healthy snack and a drink of water or milk. I like this time because we all chat together if feels like being at home when it is my teatime.

After snack I go and play again, I like going outside and especially like our big playhouse where I pretend I’m making tea for my friends.

I love that there are lots of ladies to help me here, my friend doesn’t come here, and she says, I am lucky because at her school they don’t have lots of ladies and she has to wait when she wants help or a hug.

I’m always sad when its “tidy up time” because it means its soon time to go home.

When everyone has helped tidy up we all sit together and the ladies do a fun activity and sing songs or read a story.

I try hard to put my own coat on when its time to go home, the ladies always are very pleased when I show them I’ve done it on my own. This makes me happy.

My mummy comes to pick me up and the ladies say, “see you tomorrow”.

I’ve had a lovely day and can’t wait for tomorrow.

This is just a basic view of a session at Preschool, if you would like to see for yourself what your child could experience, please come along for a visit.

We pride ourselves on a high ratio of childcare and education qualified staff to children, which ensures your child will get the time and support needed for your child to develop and thrive.

We are an inclusive setating and will adjust our provision where possible to the needs of a child.

Special transition sessions are held for the children leaving to go to school in the September, ensuring they are “Ready for school”.

We follow the Early Years foundation stage framework; our children learn numeracy and phonics throughout their time at Preschool.

We are ofsted registered and have had a recent inspection with a rating of “Good” the report can be found on www.ofsted.gov.uk offer a well-

Some of the comments from Ofsted:

“Staff offer a well-planned environment with plenty of meaningful learning opportunities.”

“Staff plan a range of curriculum activities to help children to develop skills they need before they go to school.”

“Childrens mathematical skills are progressing very well.”

“Respectful relationships between staff and children are evident, especially noticeable in children with send.”

To arrange a visit or for more information Email Frampton.preschool@gmail.com or message Frampton community preschool page on facebook or call 07983 865496.




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