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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor

In reply to the letter from Mr Cotton in the last issue of the magazine, Horizon Properties, a local Kirton company formed over 20 years ago, would like to address the issues raised.

Firstly we were contacted by the council and asked if we could crop the tress as they were over hanging the highway and obstructing utility services, which of course we did at our first opportunity.

At that point we sought local professional advice in relation to the condition of the trees and to check if there were any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). It was confirmed that no TPO`s were registered, but that there could be significant decay inside the main trunks. Therefore a decision was made to remove the trees, due to public safety and at that time frequent high winds.

The trees were cut down but not destroyed, therefore if healthy they will grow again but this time can be managed and monitored in case of decay or safety issues.

As a local company we are fully behind any proposal to protect trees in and around the village and on any planning application, we are involved in, will always try and replace and re-plant where possible.

If there is anything we can do to support tree preservation in the local community please feel free to contact us

Yours Faithfully

Steve Tetther, Horizon Properties


Ten thousand Dog Ends Later . . . . .

I recall a meeting of the Parish Council some 12 or 13 years ago, when the late John Bristow, who was then a Parish councillor, said that he had some time on his hands. The village needed a bit of sprucing up, so he became the first of ‘The Friday Group’. He was then joined by Alan Lee upon his retirement from BT. I don’t know the order, but over the years the group grew and along came myself, Pete Booth, Roger Tetther, Colin Brotherton, Louis Morrisey, John Stanley, Gordon Grey and finally Norman Andrew.

The group is now down to four aged members, but with the occasional bottle of Sanatogen and a whiff of Oxygen we manage to keep going.

When we were more numerous we did take on a few projects. However, we are now down to litter picking, sweeping and shovelling, in support of the village warden, Barbara Westwood, without whom we would be up to our knees in rubbish.

We have found quite a variety of items over time. Mainly, dog ends, tin cans, bottles and plastic. But also quite an array of furniture, Vacuum cleaners, a complete fitted kitchen, golf bags and some things best not talked about!! However the one thing we have never found is any evidence of drug paraphernalia, such as syringes etc.

Although ‘The Friday Group’ was originally a Parish Council initiative, the sad loss of Alan Lee seems to have severed all contact from that area.

However, we will carry on and maybe just maybe we will pick up a new member or two along the way.

George Davies









Regarding  the loss of 3 heathy trees on Station Road, I refer you to the submitted Planning Application B/18/0101 for the 'shoe horning' of two detached houses on the site. The removal of these trees will no doubt help to facilitate this development and avoid justifying the removal of these trees within the planning application.

This does provoke a wider discussion as to why, assuming these trees were not in the conservation area of Kirton, that tree preservation orders had not been applied for and placed on them and hence how many other trees around Kirton are under similar threat in the future.

Should we expect our Parish Councillors to be more proactive in this area and if not them, who should be? Perhaps they can respond to this question.

Yours sincerely, Paul Cotton