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Letters to the Editor

Well, not exactly a letter but more a report of a few communications I’ve had, by post but also ‘phone and e-mail, from some of you out there sharing a couple of subjects which are of import.

Firstly that regular apparent gremlin “The Skate Park”.

People do appreciate that it’s great for the youngsters to have such a facility to get them out in the fresh air and exercise and enjoy themselves. But, as usual, a few are spoiling it for the many. Reports come in of, what appears to be a regular ‘gang’ of older individuals who are running up people’s driveways, intimidating pets as well as older residents in the area, trampling gardens creating unnecessary noise and mayhem - and generally making life miserable for locals. Enough to prompt one to write:

“It’s nice for the young ones to have somewhere to go instead of watching TV or their i.pads but it has been trouble from when it first opened so it should be taken away and the Park closed down.”

Is there a positive solution? Let me know what you think kids. I would like to hear what Ryan thinks; after all, he really got the ball rolling back in 2013. He’ll be n-n-n-n-nineteen by now.

And another thing... Could anyone advise me just what the local rules are about bonfires please?

Several moans about washing being out on the first sunny day for ages and someone up the road lights a fire! I am sure there are set rules and regs. about such performances but it would be good to clear up exactly WHAT they are.

Thanks (Ed.)