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Letters to the Editor

Unsung Heroes

The other evening we were out walking the dog and came across a young lady called Marie kneeling beside a drain cover with a fishing net in her hand. Needless to say we were curious. She told us she goes around the area, (Boston, Kirton, etc) anywhere where a new road has been laid, which may have cut across the rout wildlife may use to access water courses and ponds. She uses her net to rescue frogs, toads and baby ducks from the drains. There were several little frogs and a young toad in her bucket. Last year she rescued over 400 of a mixture of all 3 groups and released them into ponds close by. This year she expects to achieve the same results. Maria doesn’t belong to any organisation or wildlife protection group. She has taken on this huge task all on her own. An unsung hero indeed. My faith in human nature and of young people in our community has been restored!

It does beg the question though, why don’t they manufacture drain covers that don’t allow baby creatures to fall through them.

Paula D

Parish Council

At last nights Parish Council meeting (June 15th) the issue discussed was whether the skate park should be closed down.

This was use to the continuing problems of vandalism and drinking that continues in the park. In the last month, the gates have been ripped off the children’s play area, youths urinating in the park, graffiti all over the ramps and rubbish being tipped over the fences from neighbouring houses.

After much discussion it was decided to seek support from outside agencies and give the park a little more time before a final decision is taken.

What is required is the names of causing the damage in the park, who is drinking and mashing bottles. Without this information we can do little to stop it. Contact details for the Parish Council can be found on the Parish notice board in the village or contact the local police.

Over £50,000 investment for the youths of the village is in danger of disappearing unless positive action is taken.

Ian Turner - Chairman of Kirton Parish Council

Sam Chapman

June 2017 will be remembered as an important milestone in the history of this country. Important enough, in my opinion to warrant serious unbiased comment in a local magazine principally aimed at proffering views on local issues.

It is not a vehicle for personally slanted political comment aimed, if I read it correctly, in an attempt to influence voting intentions. At best your comments in the June edition were unguarded but bearing in mind the importance of the Brexit issue, seeking to place some sort of blame on the decisions made that led up to the referendum and its outcome, is frankly beyond the brief of a frustrated hack who has missed his chance to scribble some drivel for the Guardian. 

It will have been noted that you were not, or have ever been considered capable of running this country, so cheap insulting remarks, that so clearly emphasise your envy (I didn’t go to Eton so there!)  doesn’t cheapen Mr. Cameron but guess who? Keep your politics to yourself Mr. Chapman. The Kirton News is not your personal daily in which you can bang your left wing drum. 

Derek Thornhill