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Letters to the Editor

Kirton town Hall - Last Night of the Proms 2023

Dear Editor

An amazing turn out again for this annual event. Kirton Brass band were fantastic as ever and had everyone tapping their feet, obviously enjoying themselves. A ploughman’s supper was served in the interval and in the second half, well known favourites had everyone waving their flags just like the Albert Hall audience in London. Thank you to all who came along to support the Town Hall. All monies raised go towards making sure the building continues to be available for the benefit of the residents of Kirton.


Dear Editor

Our Harvest Supper was held at Kirton town Hall again, as we cannot use the kitchen in the church. ( It is in need of serious refurbishment to meet environmental health standards)

Thank you to all who attended the event and continue to support our fundraising efforts to raise money towards a new roof on the church, as well as the other structural improvements that are needed. As always though, more support from the community would be very much appreciated.

Those who attended enjoyed a hearty sausage and mash supper, followed by home made apple crumble or trifle. There was an excellent raffle of harvest produce followed by a mini auction of produce.

Thank you to Ann for cooking for us and for the church volunteers, who though few and ageing in number, manage to put on successful events. Our next event is the Christmas Tree Festival on 2 and 3 December. The Christmas craft fair in the Town Hall is on 2 December, so why not combine the two events. Refreshments will be served at both, so no need to go hungry .Do come along and support your village.

Dear Editor of Kirton News, I am a very concerned resident and I respond as follows to Mr A Bowen and The Kirton Car Park Group (KCPG) letter to you in the November issue of Kirton News.

While Mr Bowen states that Cllr Astill who led the discussion for item 7 on the agenda regarding the Town Hall car park, may have spoken eloquently and suggests that the current situation hadn’t been thoroughly planned, however prior to joining the council did he not regularly attend Council meetings as a member of the public? I would suggest that Cllr Astill quite possibly witnessed first-hand the discussions that the council had at the time of the decision-making process, which according to the Parish Council minutes website during the April 2022 meeting May AGM, June 2022, August meeting and in September in the Clerk’s updates, where it’s minuted that A Booth agreed as Chair of the Town Hall committee to sign the contract on behalf of the THMC, and yet the then Mr Astill had maintained silence throughout all of those meetings and yet only chooses to speak out now as a councillor?

What is very apparent to myself and I believe many, is the fact (according to the Parish Council minutes) is that the carpark had been discussed at least 4 times in the past was also an opportunity for KCPG to have their say prior to a decision being made, and yet they didn’t, so I would suggest 4 potential opportunities missed to speak up about this hence Mr Bowen’s letter is rather pointless and too late.

While Mr Bowen and the KCPG claim that they wish to change the way the restrictions to suit themselves and the Kirton Town Hall Management Committee (KTHMC) it’s worth noting that it has been revealed in the past that both the Parish Council and the THMC both signed the contract for the restrictions which very much suggests that Mr Bowen is incorrect, why would the THMC agree to sign the contract if they weren’t happy with the arrangements?

Mr Bowen goes on to say that all opinions are valid, and yet he states that he lives ‘close’ to the said car park? One would have to assume that he has quite possibly been significantly affected as it would seem that he has lost his own personal place to leave his vehicle(s) 24/7 despite having his own driveway with room for several vehicles. This is where I suggest that the matter of self-interest emerges in this discussion.

Another point is that it’s not just Mr Bowen and the minority that is observing this car park, it’s actually many residents within the community such as myself as a long standing resident of Kirton, and I believe there’s a silent majority out there who actually find it easier to collect and bring their children to and from school who of course are not going to attend meetings to say that they are happy with the new arrangements, and not having to battle to find space in the car park and use nearby streets which have no restrictions as they have done in the past. After all, isn’t it human nature to say nothing when happy and only speak out and make a fuss if it affects them? Believe me when I say the majority are happy with the current arrangements.

Mr Bowen seems to miss the obvious facts such as there are regular meetings and sessions of lunch club, dance & exercise classes, coffee mornings and Slimming world are there as well as during term time a place for parents to drop off and collect kids with a school across the road that has some 500 or more children attending.

Well, I think this is all starting to look more like sour grapes of those who have abused the system that has caused these restrictions to be imposed in the first place, if Mr Bowen wants someone to blame maybe have a look at his own actions first?

In any case, if this was a car park in Boston, or for that matter most towns and cities in and around the UK everyone would have to be paying for it! Well maybe that’s what KCPG want, and we will all quite possibly be thanking them for soon if they have their way and make us all pay? This car park has always been free, as it should be, and I say to the Parish Council its’s a job well done from the silent majority, please keep it how it is, it’s available for anyone to use for 3 hours. Seriously, how long could you shop for in Kirton? My answer would be much less than 3 hours.

After all, there is plenty of all day parking in surrounding streets, as well as one hour parking all around the War Memorial in the centre of Kirton, or are the minority too lazy to walk more than 10 paces?

Kirton Parish Council, please listen to the silent majority and not the noisy minority, who ridiculously think it’s somehow their given right to park there all day and night because they are too lazy and it suits them, and ruining it for most of us.

It seems to me that this KCPG group is a very small minority who are only immersed in their own self interest to get what just selfishly suits them.

If we all end up having to pay for parking, we all know that it would be a complete travesty of fairness to disadvantage many, to appease the ones who make a fuss and shout loudest!

Mr Bowen and the KCPG are not worth listening to, just the same as all the high court armchair judges that reside in the toxic local community group on Facebook.