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Letters to the Editor

It was with great sadness that I read the editor's letter in Sams final hurray as editor. It seems to me that he seems to think thank both the Parish Council and Borough have magic wands to stop building on agricultural land. I have spoken at three appeals against such projects all that were approved by the Governments inspector. Also he seems to forget the national governments drive to build more and more homes.

As to pot holes yes we are always reporting them, but they are a highways issue, who try to fill them on an increasingly reduced budget.

Sam has been a servant to the Kirton News, and I hope his efforts will be remembered for the right reasons and not off the ball comments over the years.

Ian Turner

Regarding  the loss of 3 heathy trees on Station Road, I refer you to the submitted Planning Application B/18/0101 for the 'shoe horning' of two detached houses on the site. The removal of these trees will no doubt help to facilitate this development and avoid justifying the removal of these trees within the planning application.

This does provoke a wider discussion as to why, assuming these trees were not in the conservation area of Kirton, that tree preservation orders had not been applied for and placed on them and hence how many other trees around Kirton are under similar threat in the future.

Should we expect our Parish Councillors to be more proactive in this area and if not them, who should be? Perhaps they can respond to this question.

Yours sincerely, Paul Cotton