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Kirton Kids Club

How quickly our seasons seem to change – one day it is summer the next autumn!

The children just adore conkers – for some strange reason they make them happy to find and very happy to take home.

They are like some shiny brown jewel that makes them want more and more – pockets and bags bulging ( usually to the horror of their adults). The trees in the church yard dangle their branches over the outside space at the Youth Centre and drop them everywhere, much to the children’s delight. It is good to see that something from nature can make them so happy.

The kids club is beginning to get busy and there are no places left at the breakfast club session but a few after school.

If you are interested or would like more information please phone 07583 762072 and we will be pleased to have a chat.

Website: kirtonkidsclub.co.uk

Email Address: kkc09@live.co.uk.