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Kirton Kids Club

How wonderful to finally be able to take the children outside to play again!

The snowdrops in the Church yard next to the Youth Centre – a reminder of what time of year we are at – SPRING.

The children love to be outside and the days when it is warm enough they have been able to take scooters, skateboards and balls out and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

The astro turf and play area enough until the grass it cut and they will be able to use the whole space again.

Kirton Kids Club is an Ofsted registered charity that runs for parents and carers to use before and after school for their children.

We open at 7.30am to school and after school to 5.45 pm – enabling children to be well cared for, happy and content each end of the extended school day.

The children are involved in numerous activities, games and art.

They enjoy breakfast in the morning and a ‘high tea’ in the afternoon session – included in the price. Breakfast club £3.50 per child per session and after school £5.50 per child per session (with a 10% discount for related siblings attending the same session).

This term the children have both Easter and Mother’s Day to look forward to when they get involved in lots of lovely arts and crafts that they get to take home.

The run up to Easter includes an Easter egg hunt – which is always so much fun and ends with lots of chocolate!

If you would like more information about sessions or would like a free ‘taster’ session for your child/children – please just call in or phone 07583 762072 and we will arrange for you to come in and stay with your children to see how much they enjoy the session.

Kirton Kids Club works in conjunction with Kirton Primary School – children are picked up and escorted to the school – key stage 1 children are picked up and delivered to their classrooms by club staff.

Website: kirtonkidsclub.co.uk

Email Address: kkc09@live.co.uk.