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Kirton Kids Club

Well ….. this is the longest term but the one that has so much in it! Half term came and went so quickly and now summer is here it makes everything so much better.

I don’t really think the children realise just how fast we are getting to the end of the school year.

All of them will change years and classes and some of the older ones will leave primary school and move onto their secondary education.

Some of those children have been with the kids club since they were in reception it is always sad to see them go.

To them all we wish you well where ever you are going and hope you come and visit us or let us know how you are getting on.

The Kids Club are involved in the Flower Festival in Kirton Church – the theme being books and we have chosen the BFG. The event will probably be over when you read this so I hope you managed to visit the Church and saw the Kids Club’s efforts. It is always nice to be involved in the community that we work and live in.

We have been chosen as one of the charities by the Kirton Co-op that they fund raise for – we are delighted to be given the chance to be part of this fund raising scheme and thank them very much.

We have also been lucky enough again to be backed by KMB Kirton and Kirton Consolidated Charities – to you both I thank you so much for helping us. It makes such a difference to the children and what we can offer them.

As a small charity ourselves we struggle at times and your help is invaluable.

On Friday 16th of June the school had their Gala – but some of our children obviously have parents that are still working when the Gala is on and they could not attend.

So we put on a ‘Pizza and Pistols’ event – lots of yummy pizza to eat and water pistols, squirters, paddling pools and giant bubble blowers.

We did start out by telling the children NOT to get too wet – but I am sorry to say this soon was forgotten and they ended up completely soaked!

You only had to hear them though to realise they had the most amazing fun time.

Screams of laugher for the whole session, running, hiding and playing with the water – it was a really happy session – but I must thank the parents for not being too shocked at the sight of their dripping children.

Thank you all for allowing us to have such a great time.

The kids club will open again after the summer holidays on the same day as the school.

Breakfast club starts at 7.0am and after school sessions run until 5.45 pm.

If you would like any more information please visit: www.kirtonkidsclub.co.uk or phone us on 07583 762072.

Happy Summer to you all!

Website: kirtonkidsclub.co.uk

Email Address: kkc09@live.co.uk.