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Kirton Kids Club

Dare I say – ‘summer is here?’ Or should I just whisper – ‘what a wonderful few days we have had!’

The children love being outside – we have some lovely outdoor play equipment for them to use, large sand and water play areas and lots of grass and astro turf. They also eat their snack out there in the afternoon on our picnic tables and benches.

It’s wonderful to watch them make up games, socialise with each other, make friends and simply enjoy themselves and ‘be children’.

The Kids Club takes on a new vitality in the summer months – the inside play is great and the children get lots of exercise walking to and from school each day, but the warm days of Spring and Summer seem to give them even more energy to do all the things they want to do.

Our places are limited at the moment due to the high numbers of children using the facility but if you would like a look around or want to ask about spaces please phone 07583 762072 and ask to come in and take a look at what we do, where we are etc.

Website: kirtonkidsclub.co.uk

Email Address: kkc09@live.co.uk.