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Kirton Kids Club
and farewell from Caz

Finally we have sunshine – this is our last half term of the school year – sadly we will lose some children to secondary schools and some children simply move on – to those we wish our best and hope their new schools will be good to them and they will remain happy and healthy.

The Kids Club runs alongside the Primary School term times so it’s easy to know when we are open and when we are not.

If you wish to get hold of us please phone 07583 762072 – emails can only be answered when the club isn’t open as there is no internet at the Youth Centre.

But the phone is manned between 7.30am and 9am – and after 1pm to 6pm. Places for September are nearly all taken already but any places left will be published when we get to the new school year.

Thank you to all parents and carers who have used the kids club in the past and those who have chosen us for the future.

I hope the Club’s success will continue for another 24 and a half years!

On this note it is with a lot of sadness that I have to tell you that I have decided to move on to ‘pastures new’.

I have been with the club since it was first thought up in October 1998 and opened in January 1999.

There have been a few ‘bumpy’ times and times when none of us thought the club would keep going – but with lots of help we are still here nearly 25 years down the line.

As this will be my last magazine update I would like to thank Kirton Magazine for always publishing my reports – to KMB for sponsoring our arts and crafts for so many years, to Kirton Consolidated Charities for helping us with numerous activities and updates of toys and equipment, to Kirton Co-op for their continued support and food share facilities, to the Youth Centre Committee for being there when needed and to our own Staff and Committee for advice and help – and to the Head of the Primary school and the numerous volunteers who have helped us over the years – giving freely of their time.

There are so many ‘thank yous’ and not enough space to put them all so as my last time of writing this update a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to everyone who has any part in making Kirton Kids Club the success it has been and those who will continue to make it so.

Kind regards



Website: kirtonkidsclub.co.uk

Email Address: kkc09@live.co.uk.