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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- September 2023

Present: Councillors:     

Cllr P. Watson, Chair, Cllr D Jarvis Vice Chair,  Cllr C. Astill,  Cllr Crisford, Cllr M Elston, Cllr Pryke, Cllr M Sohail and  Cllr S Watson.Also Present: Clerk D. Fairweather. Not Present:           Cllr F Baillie     

Public Forum

Chair took the opportunity to advise the public, what the Public Forum is and what it should be used for.  Firstly, the Public is for the public to address this Council in its full right and not to address or criticize individual members. Complaints against the Council or a particular Councillor, should initially be made directly to the Clerk.  The Chair wanted to specifically to respond to a named member of the public who, he felt, gave unpleasant words to the Chair last meeting. He read out a statement, a copy of which is available under the Freedom Of Information Act. Not been printed here, as officially the public forum does not form part of the Council minutes and there is no requirement for it to be documented. Resident regarding Senior Citizens Party, directed to the Chair.  Before start of meal, no one was welcomed and at the end of the meal when some residents were leaving would have been the ideal opportunity for the Chair to wish everyone Happy Christmas and to advise how long the entertainment would go on for.  The tables were cleared away, too quickly and gave the impression it was time to leave. Another resident also advised the meal was very good but once rest home residents left the remainder were made to feel it was time to leave.  The entertainer was still playing which made it difficult for him.  Would it be an idea to have a leaving time in order that everyone was aware they are expected to leave. Town Hall Committee Chair.  The money that is coming to the village from Government, can some of it be used to renovate and repair the War Memorial, one pillar of which is quite dangerous.  Cllr Pryke advised the initiative for people of Kirton being involved in the distribution of the money, was not available for Parish Council owned equipment. Individuals can apply.  Clerk queried whether the War Memorial was actually a Parish Council asset.  Cllr Jarvis agreed to ascertain the ownership.

To Receive Apologies
For Absence

To receive and accept apologies for absence as given to the Clerk prior to the meeting by Cllr O’Connor and Stevenson. All resolved to accept reasons given. Cllr Astill asked for reasons.

To Receive Declarations Of Interest Under The Localism Act 2011


To Approve Notes Of Previous Meetings Of 28th November. 

Deferred until next meeting as not available, due to time scale of previous meeting.

To Receive Updates
From Clerk

Town Hall Gutters, quotation received to clean for £240. Cllr asked if downpipes were included? Clerk did not know the answer. Proposed Cllr S Watson, seconded Cllr Elston, to proceed if downpipes included. Unanimous. CCTV quotation received, requires discussion at Council. Solar panels, electricity bills forwarded on.  Hemington Way. Highways are now up to date with pre flood problems and are working on previously reported matters. Litter bins - may get them provided by BBC. Big problem with the three streetlights in the High Street. BBC have been looking at a light in Langley Mews. Ringing daily now. Left message with Streetlight Manager at BBC. Clerk joined a TEAMS meeting with Police which was informative and interesting. Cllr Pryke asking if the area for Neighbourhood Policing Scheme had been altered? Is Kirton still in Boston South? Clerk advised as far as she was aware the area had not been changed. Notice in local shop of a Boston West Policing Team. Couple of observations regarding the cemetery for Councillors.

To Co-Opt New Councillor 

Only one candidate for one vacancy. Proposed Cllr Astill, seconded Cllr Elston, Mr Anthony Bowen was duly elected and Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Chair welcomed new Councillor.

To Approve New Year Statement

Councillors have been handed a copy for publication, which had previously been distributed. Cllr Elston wished to included Black Bull be included for loaning of glasses.  Cllr Astill advising that this should have been done sooner for it to be in the Kirton News.  Cllr Sohail suggested making amendments to past tense and still submit. All agreed.


a)    To Approve Payment of Accounts as per schedule Cllr Crisford asked if we are still paying Boston for BBC CCTV? Clerk advised nothing yet received this year. Proposed Cllr S Watson seconded Cllr Crisford. Unanimous. b)    To Discuss/Approve Precept Figure. Finance meeting discussed matters and agreed expenditure will rise due to grass maintenance, tree works, streetlights and CCTV. Plants around the village require further investment this year. Town Hall has serious expenditure anticipated. Most of the other expenditure is within 5%. But the precept will have to be increased. Therefore, proposed Cllr S Watson, seconded Cllr Elston that precept be set at £89000.


To Discuss Applications Received Since Last Meeting None this month

Members Reports

Orthodox Chapel working well now. Sent pictures to Clerk on Bungley Lane and Highways are to continue through to Willington Road. Leaves wet and dangerous at zebra crossing, Clerk will ask the Clean Up Squad to clear. Felt that Councillor helpers for the Christmas meal were very thin on the ground. JB CC – going back to ME – Cllr Elston and Dave Scotney from the Clean UP Squad are meeting with LCVS at the School. Could a letter of thanks be given to school for their students that have been helping at the Clean Ups. All agreed at nice idea. RP – criticism of PC in Kirton News for not attending to footpaths. Unfortunately, residents are not aware of what is and what is not our responsibility.  Complaints of motorcycle noise annoying residents. There has been anti-social behaviour in Hardwick Estate. The chicken poo problem in Bucklegate is ingoing. MS - received a thank you from the residents that attended the Christmas Meal.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 9th January 2023



Contact details for your local Councillors:

Kirton Parish Council:

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Mrs Diane Fairweather
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Boston Borough Council:

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For reporting of Flytipping, Dog Fouling and other local issues https://www.fixmystreet.com/

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The Parish Council meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the Upsall Rooms at the Town Hall, apart from April and August when they meet in the Chapel at Kirton Holme.





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