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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- Jan 2019

Public Forum

One resident attended to give members an update on his battle to get decent broadband in Kirton Holme. He told members that he has arranged a meeting for residents to discuss their requirements/problems etc on 7th February at Hubberts Bridge Community Centre.

Mr Watts came from the Borough to give members a brief insight into what is permissible/not permissible within a conservation area. He discussed article 4 action which would take approximately 2 years to complete should it be decided on by the Council but would protect those things that are deemed important within the Conservation Area, in that it could remove permitted development rights.

Chairman’s comments

The Chairman reported that the gate had been erected to block the entrance to Kings Court over the Christmas period.

She also asked members to help with the wreath collection in the cemetery in February. The Clerk will email all nearer the time. Cllr Foster will provide a trailer.

The repaired footpath from the Town Hall to Kings Court was vandalised after being repaired. The Clerk will look on the CCTV to see if the incident is on there. Cllr Danby is keen for restorative justice to be served. The Clerk has spoken to the Police who will help with identifying the culprit.

Apologies for absence and reason given

Cllr P Watson, M Brookes, C Rylott D Danby and C Sharp sent their apologies and reasons for absence which were accepted by the Council.

Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act

Cllr Bemrose declared a personal interest in Town Hall on the agenda as her mother is Chairman.

Cllr Ransome declared an interest in Planning as she is Vice Chairman on the planning committee at the Borough, she will take no part in discussions in this item. Cllr Ransome is also a member of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan committee.

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was resolved that the notes of the meeting held on the 20th December 2018, previously circulated, should be recorded as the minutes.

Police Matters

PC Jon Thornton and PCSO Neil Williams informed members that there had been 5 crimes reported since the last meeting:

1 x burglary – undetected, 1 x arson of a vehicle – under investigation, 1 x murder – ongoing investigation, 1 x theft – undetected, 1 x assault – under investigation.

They mentioned an ongoing issue with one resident who is now the subject of a community protection warning notice. Cllr Turner agreed to write a statement on behalf of the council.

PC Thornton also asked for the views from the council of having an event within the village at Halloween.

Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Councillors/Boston Borough Councillors

Cllr Austin reported that following on from her meeting with Andy Wharf at Highways, the A16 roundabout was discussed again. It was thought that the red painted area from Boston to Spalding side, was really faded.

The new grit bin on Skeldyke Road has now been delivered.

Accounts for payment

Members were given the 3rd ? figures to digest.

It was resolved to accept the payments as per payment sheet dated January 2019 10 of 12.

Report from the minutes of the previous meeting

Potholes reported on A16 at the roundabout to LCC.

Overgrown bushes/hedges at A16/Station Road reported again to LCC

I have been chasing up the training to be offered to those volunteers who wished to be involved with the speed gun training. I will be getting in touch with the volunteers in the next week to get suitable dates for them to attend training as I now have a trainer available.

Facebook request for volunteers sent as only 2 of the residents previously stating an interest have confirmed that they want training. Confirmation needed from members whether to pursue this or not.

Report to Council that now I have 10 names of volunteers across the Parish who wish to take part. Just waiting for the Community Speed Watch coordinator to come back regarding dates for training

Chased the coordinator again to try and get a training date set. Not replied to my emails yet.

Uneven pavement reported on the pavement on the Frampton side of Horseshoe Lane, in poor state of repair. Was scheduled to have been done but never carried out. Reported to LCC ref 342401.

LCC report that they need to investigate this matter further

Contacted the Enforcement Officer at the Borough regarding the responsibility time frames for the developers of Thomas Middlecott Drive regarding their play equipment maintenance.

Enforcement Officer confirmed that this play park area is under the responsibility of the Borough Council – he has contacted Matt Fisher and asked that he follow up.

Contacted Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership regarding the crossing issues on Station Road, I have asked for their help in enforcing the double yellow lines outside the Kebab shop plus have asked about the possibility of having the columns to the ‘z brites’ changed to illuminated ones.

Contact received from the Borough regarding the windows at the Town Hall – they don’t need planning permission nor do they need building regulations, but we must complete a building notice for the change from wooden to plastic. This will incur a fee of £130.00 (on finance page)

Potholes on Sykemouth Drove reported to LCC ref:343706 – photos which Cllr Smith sent to Cllr Brookes also added to report

Following on from the fire on Peartree Lane on New Years Eve, the Police have accessed the CCTV in the Town Hall and retrieved some very good quality clear pictures for their investigation.

Enforcement Officer confirmed that the new Cake Shop does not need to apply for a change of use.

Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a) Lincolnshire County Council – Temporary Road Closure – Kirton Holme – Essential maintenance works by Telec Utilities – Hammond Beck Bank (between Sandpit Lane and Holme Road)

b) Emails received from resident at Kirton End requesting that the Parish Council set up a meeting with the residents of the group KEROTD (Kirton End Residents Opposed to Development) and the Borough Planning Department as think that the Planning Department is not acting as they should regarding developments that KEROTD are opposing.

Members resolved not to get involved with this spat with this resident and the Planning Department.

c) Lincolnshire County Council – Temporary Road Closure – Kirton – Bungley Lane – for essential maintenance works by Harlaxton Engineering.

d) Lincolnshire County Council – Temporary Road Closure – Kirton End – Essential works by Telec Utilities – Kirton Holme road (between B1391 Donington Road and a point 140 meters North West)

Town Hall

No meeting held since last Parish Council meeting as put back until next week.


It was proposed by Cllr Turner that the footpaths within the cemetery need to be extended to the new gate level. It was further proposed that the Garden of Remembrance gravel path should also be extended but also upgraded to tarmac too. This was resolved. Clerk to get quotations for the work.

Parish matters

1) Reports from committee meetings held since last Council meeting.

None held

2) Update on Park Inspections Nothing new raised.

3) Neighbourhood Planning – Cllr Turner to discuss – plus further to insert in meeting envelope sent to all members

A steering group made up of 4 councillors and the Chairman of the Town Hall will all read the document which makes up Horncastle’s Neighbourhood plan, then formulate their own plans.

4) Meeting dates for 2019 – consider approval of.

It was resolved to approve the meeting dates for 2019 as per sheet prepared by Clerk.

Reports for Various Bodies

Cllr Hannay asked when the wreaths would be removed from the War Memorial. Cllr Turner said he would contact the British Legion and ask them to arrange it. It was also resolved to get in touch with the lady who supplied and put up the poppies on the railings of the War Memorial and ask her to remove them too if she wants to keep them, otherwise they would be removed at the same time as the wreaths.

Planning applications:

First floor rear extension at 32 Boston Road, Kirton - NO OBJECTIONS

Outline application with some matters (layout, appearance, landscaping and scale) reserved for later approval for up to three residential detached dwellings and private access road at Land North of Millstone, Donington Road, Kirton End - Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides for the protection of wild birds - there are Owl boxes positioned around the site.  These should not be disturbed.  The land is prime agricultural land and should not be used for building on.  The site is outside the curtilage of the village. 

Members were informed that an appeal has been raised with the Planning Inspectorate with regards to planning application B/18/0346 – Outline application for residential development (up to 8 dwellings) with all matters reserved for later approval at Land west of Millview, Donington Road, Kirton End.

The Next meeting of
Kirton Parish Council is:-

Thursday 18th April
at The Upsall Room, Kirton Town Hall


Contact details for your local Councillors:

Cllr Ian Turner
Tel: 01205 723986

Vice Chairman:
Cllr David Danby
Tel: 01205 724650

Village Ward Members:

Cllr David Danby
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Email: danbydavid@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Richard Foster
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Cllr Marcus Hannay
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Cllr Ian Turner
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Cllr Rebecca Bemrose
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Holme Ward Members:

Cllr David Smith
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Cllr Claire Rylott (and Borough)
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Mrs Belinda Buttery
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Cllr Michael Brookes (County)
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Cllr Alison Austin (County)
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Cllr James Edwards (Borough)
Email: james.edwards@boston.gov.uk

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp
Tel: 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).