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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- February 2017

Public Forum

The Chairman had invited Mr Stan Naylor to attend along with 3 members of the Royal British Legion to present him with a Community Award for his services over the years to the village. Mr Naylor was a Councillor and Chairman of the Parish Council previously, plus for many years he has researched the War fallen of Kirton and this has resulted in new names being added to the list in the Church, plus on the War Memorial. His contributions towards the village over the years have been invaluable.

One resident came to get updates on items he had previously raised with the council. Before leaving the meeting, this resident was told that these items had already been covered in previous meetings.

Mr Naylor updated members regarding the Victoria Cross holder, Serjeant Harold Jesse Jackson is his correct rank and name.

Chairman’s comments

The Chairman said he was pleased to report that the potholes near to the roundabout on Station Road have been filled, plus the small ones near to the large ones reported, have also been filled.

The Probation services have started work on the treeline around the rear and side fence lines of the Town Hall. This is going to generate a lot of waste. One skip is in place.

Apologies for absence and reason given

Cllrs Austin, Ransome, Rylott and Hannay all gave their apologies and their reasons for absence which were accepted by the Council.

Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members’ disclosable pecuniary interests.

Cllr Lee reported he had an interest in item 12 on the Agenda, Town Hall as his daughter is on the committee.

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was resolved that the notes of the meeting should be recorded as the minutes. Cllr Brookes apologised for his late arrival at the previous meeting.

Police Matters

No Police attended but PC Appleby informed the members via email to the Clerk that the antisocial behaviour is being kept in check within the village with procedures in place. There has been a spate of hare coursing in the Parish which the Police are trying to prevent.

Report from the minutes of the previous meeting/Clerk’s report

a) Dennis Estate, gully’s blocked, ditch not working properly and road surface flooding.

b) Station Road onto High Street – surface coming away, potholes coming back.

c) Station road onto A16 – numerous potholes, some deep.

Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a) Lincolnshire County Council – Future operating Model is to be introduced which is going to change the way that the service highways offer, and how it is both commissioned and delivered.

b) Lincolnshire County Council – reply received regarding the proposition of opening up the end of King Street to the A16 and installing a roundabout there.

The suggestion from the Parish Council to open the end of King Street was rejected.

c) Lincolnshire County Council – Surface Water Flooding Investigation – June 2016 – information continues to be gathered. Residents are being contacted with a short response sheet.

d) Boston Borough Council – new service being looked into which if offered which offers free service to community groups, clubs, charities etc – will boost information contained in Boston Bulletin

e) Lincolnshire County Council – Seadyke Culvert, Kirton being replaced by plastic one, in April, road diversions will be necessary.

f) A resident had contacted the Clerk regarding the number of vehicles that pass her house on Willington Road that make her house shake.

Members advised that she keep a log of the number and type of vehicle that makes her house shake, in conjunction the Clerk will also report to Highways.

Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Councillors
/Boston Borough Councillors

Cllr Brookes reported that Ken Pratt is continuing his investigations into the flooding issues in the village. He has written to the Primary School for feedback, plus he is arranging for CCTV to be fitted into the drains in the village. It is a big investigation and will take time to come to a satisfactory conclusion.

Cllr Lee thanked Cllr Brookes in his involvement with the developers on Boston Road getting the footpath/grass sorted in between the new development and the Cemetery.

The Borough members were asked by Cllr Danby when the maintenance programme on the lighting that the Parish Council is taking on responsibility will be completed? The Borough Council had previously been asked this questing and had confirmed on an email that they would ensure all the lights are working fully before the Parish is responsible for them. It was not certain however, that the timers for the lights would be put on the lights before the Parish takes over responsibility. Cllr Edwards said that he would look into it and inform the Clerk of his findings.

Cllr Brookes said that there was a quick way of identifying whether the light column was a Borough or a County light by the colour of the sticker on the column. White is Borough, yellow is County.

Cllr Lee informed members that he hoped that the footpath sweeper would soon be coming to the village as he had seen it in Wyberton the day before.

Planning applications:

Erection of six detached dwellings with associated garages and access at Land adjacent to 21 Horseshoe Lane, Kirton – OBERSVATION: Members do not want the existing roadside trees cutting down. They feel there is not a need to cut any down.

Proposed end extension to the existing warehouse at Sports Bike Shop, Kirton Distribution Park, Wash Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Erection of 2 No. detached dwellings, vehicular access and associated garages at Land north of Drainside South, Kirton – OBJECTIONS: Ground is wetland, next to a water way and is unsuitable for domestic dwellings. Road way is unsuitable for regular usage. Request this one is seen by Planning Committee.

Erection of two storey front and side extension to existing dwelling at 87 Dennis Estate, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Erection of single storey front and rear extensions at La Vern, Washdyke Lane, Kirton Meeres – NO OBJECTIONS

Replacement of existing softwood gazebo with a larger oak gazebo at Mahoneys Point, The Fairways, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Application for prior approval for proposed change of use from agricultural building to a dwelling house (Class C3) at Agricultural Building, The Farm yard, Mill Lane, Kirton End – OBSERVATIONS: Insufficient information within the application as to sizes etc. What is the building currently used for? Request this one is seen by Planning Committee.

Change of use from shop (Class A1) to restaurant (Class A3) together with a single storey rear extension with flue extraction and the formation of a n independent flat on the first floor at 15 High Street, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Application for the approval of reserved matters for the construction of 9 dwellings including access, appearance, layout, landscaping and scale following the grant of outline planning permission for residential development ref: B/16/0099 plus the discharge of conditions 4 (surface water drainage) and 7 (landscaping) attached to B/16/0099 at Land between Bungley Lane and West End Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS BUT request a condition is placed on the approval that the road way (Bungley Lane) is upgraded to the entrance to the development.

Construction of extensions and alterations to Salon at 14 Station Road, Jayne Rush Hair and Beauty, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Accounts for payment

It was resolved that the accounts as per payment sheet 11 of 12 dated February 2016/17 should be paid.

Future cuts regarding Highways were considered and it was resolved not to take any more responsibilities on this coming financial year and reassess in the future if necessary.

Town Hall

The improvements to the Town Hall continue, a new water boiler has been fitted in the kitchen and some new tables purchased.


The committee met and now the footpath area has been levelled and reseeded. It is the decision of the committee that both ends of the maintenance strip are gated to stop dog walkers and fly tipping. Cllr Lee will get some quotations for the work.

Reports for Various Bodies

Cllr Lee reported that the footpath between Thorne Way and Drainside South is so overgrown it is in danger of disappearing. Clerk to report to Highways.

Cllr Smith reported that in the light of the flooding issues on Dennis Estate it would appear that the drains/ditches in the area have been neglected for a very long time. Cllr Brookes informed members that there are plans for future developments which must make for sustainable drainage, but previous bad practice will take some more work.

Parish matters

Due to the nature of the business about to be transacted the remaining members of the public were asked to leave.

All residents left the meeting.

Cllrs Brookes and Edwards also left the meeting.

Cemetery fee increases were discussed and it was resolved that resident’s fee table will increase by 2% and none residents by 5%.

Town Hall grant payments were discussed. It was resolved to leave the grant as it is for this year, but to reduce from 2018/19 financial year.

Use of the Town Hall grassed areas will be discussed on an event by event basis with a view to whether use should result in a charge for the use.




The Next meeting of
Kirton Parish Council is:-

Thursday 16th May 2017
at 7.00pm prompt
The Upsall Room, Kirton Town Hall


Contact details for your local Councillors:

Chairman & Borough Council: Cllr Alan Lee 01205 723612
Vice Chairman: Cllr Ian Turner 01205 723986

Village Ward Members:
Cllr Colin Brotherton 01205 724394
Cllr Michael Bourne 07951 909345
Cllr John Fitzgerald 01205 724250
Cllr Richard Foster 01205 722306
Cllr Marcus Hannay 07939 106136
Cllr Alan Lee 01205 723612
Cllr Sue Ransome 01205 311373
Cllr Ian Turner 01205 723986
Cllr Lynne Fossitt 01205 363173

Kirton Holme Ward Members:
Cllr David Smith 01205 290809
Cllr Stephen Carter 01205 724193
Cllr Claire Rylott 01205 290386

Cllr Michael Brookes (County) 01205 820616
Cllr Paul Skinner (County) 01205 353754
Cllr Brian Rush (Borough) 01205 290488

Mrs Belinda Buttery 01205 460618 email: belindabuttery@hotmail.com

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).