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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
April 2021 - via video conference


Councillors: Cllr I Cole, Councillors: S Watson, P Watson (and Borough), C Brotherton, G Cole, D Danby, L O’Connor., S Wright, J Skinner, J Shelton, A Austin (County), Also Present: Mrs B Buttery – Clerk of the Council

Public Forum

Cllr P Watson declared that he wanted to record the meeting. He was asked what he was going to do with the recording and said that he wanted to upload it to YouTube. Some members and the Clerk were not happy about this. The Clerk has taken advise on this and as this course of action is not within policy at this time she will write a policy for the next meeting.

A representative from Playdale attended. He was happy to answer questions. Members asked some questions regarding the quotation he had provided to the Recreation Committee. The Chairman said that if anyone had any further questions, they could email them to the Clerk and she would collate and send them on to the rep.

Chairman’s comments

The Chairman welcomed all to the meeting. He stated that the meeting was being recorded and if any member or resident wanted a copy, they could contact him and he would share it.

The Chairman commented that the meeting had been postponed from last week due to the death of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. A minute’s silence was held.

66-21 Apologies for absence and reason given

Apologies were received from Cllrs Brookes and his reason for absence were accepted.

67-21 Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members’ disclosable pecuniary interests.

Cllrs I and G Cole declared that they are married to each other.

Cllr P Watson is on the Boston Borough Planning Committee and will not take part in discussions on planning applications.

Cllr S Watson declared an interest in that her husband, Cllr P Watson is on the planning committee at Boston Borough Council.

52-21 Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

After Cllrs P Watson, S Watson, C Brotherton and S Wright objected to minute number 56-21, an amendment was made. Members then unanimously accepted the notes of the meetings held on 3rd March, 10th March and 18th March, all previously circulated. These will form the minutes.

Police Matters

There were no Police attending, however, PCSO Williams had emailed the Clerk a report of recorded crimes since the last meeting which are:

1 x public order offence on Eleven Acre Lane – under investigation

1 x assault on Marketstead Estate, under investigation

1 x assault on Hardwick Estate, under investigation.

Viewpoints on questions from members of the public

No public attended

Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Council/Boston Borough Council from/to County/Borough Councillors

Cllr Austin reported the following:

Horseshoe Lane – One small area has been done but due to priority being given to other works the remainder of Horseshoe Lane footpath has not been done.

The drainage scheme for High Street and Green Lane is progressing, the design stage is ongoing.

A resident had reported to Cllr Austin that he had fallen on Willington Road, the path where he fell has now been fixed.

Dog fouling was reported on Middlecott Road by a resident. Cllr Austin said she would mention it to the Parish Council as it is not a County Council matter.

Cllr Brookes in his absence sent in a report. He reported that the barrier on High Street on the exit from the Churchyard is now in place.

He also reported that with regards to Priestly Close/Penny gardens/ Willington Road flooding issues, a site meeting with Black Sluice to progress the scheme is still being arranged.

Cllr P Watson reported that following up from a request by Cllr G Cole, he can confirm that households are allowed to apply for more than one purple lid bin. Cllr G Cole reported that not all residents have received these bins – Cllr Watson will follow this up at the Borough.

Cllr S Watson asked on progress with Skeldyke Road signs. Cllr Austin replied that unfortunately there is a huge backlog on this type of order and she cannot get it moved any quicker.

Cllr Shelton asked is there a priorities list which would enable parishes to see where there works requests are on a list. Cllr Austin will ask if this is possible of the County Council.

Cllr P Watson reported that a resident had complained about the amount of dog mess on Kirton Marsh bank he has asked the enforcement officer to visit.


Accounts for Payment – as per payment sheet dated April 2021/22 (1 of 12)

It was resolved that the payments should be made plus an additional payment of £60 for the gutter clean at the Town Hall. This item was not on the payment sheet.

It was also unanimously agreed to pay the Clerk an additional 2 hours due to the last minute postponement of the Council Meeting.

The Clerk and Cllr S Watson will arrange a meeting regarding the insurance for the Council.

Report from minutes of the previous meeting/Clerk’s report

30.11.18 Uneven pavement reported on the pavement on the Frampton side of Horseshoe Lane, in poor state of repair.

Was scheduled to have been done but never carried out. Reported to LCC ref 342401.

03.12.18 LCC report that they need to investigate this matter further. 21.02.19 Cllr Austin agreed to chase this up.

18.04.19 Cllr Austin informed members that this work has now been scheduled to be done

08.08.19 The update on the LCC site is:This fault will be assessed for the possibility of future permanent works and prioritised according to our Highways Asset Management Plan.

01.03.21 This work has not yet been done.

21.08.2020 Clerk contacted Cllr Austin following on from a request from Cllr S Watson to chase up the signage issue at Skeldyke Road. Cllr Austin has raised this again with Highways Manager and is waiting to find out when it will be done. 23.12.20 Preliminary enquiries made regarding obtaining land for allotments.

12.01.21 Contacted various bodies with regards to obtaining land for allotments. As of yet no success. Query made to Borough Council for further information.

10-03-2021 Ongoing due to waiting for legal clarification as to whether the land Already allocated to the Parish Council can be used for Allotment Land (wording of the land registry title deeds)

15.02.21 Still unable to follow up getting quotations for the War Memorial Pillars and brickwork/point due to Covid restrictions.

15.02.21 Requested a warrant be issued with Money Claim Online To recover monies paid to contractor who didn’t do fencing.

19-03-21 Report from resident that the Ashwood Homes development has been

Draining water from the site and this has culminated in mud and slurry now partially blocking the drain plus leaving mud and debris on the road

(Woodside Road). Reported to LCC ref 392386. LCC reported back to say They have reported this on to Black Sluice, LCC will monitor the mud.

31-03-21 Resident reported light outside 32 Hemington Way is out. Reported to LCC report no 393605. New report from LCC – FIXED.

58-21 Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a. Lincolnshire County Council – New DEFRA local authority treescape fund launched with £2.7 million available for funding to encourage new tree planting in non-woodland settings. Full criteria will be published soon and closing date for applications is 31st May 2021

b) Environment Agency – sent routine maintenance fact sheet.

c) Lincolnshire County Council – Pre-order consultation: Proposed extinguishment of Swineshead Public Footpath number 16 – Amber Hill Public Footpath 8 and Kirton Public Footpath 10 – this was emailed to members last month and comments asked for by end of the month. Nothing heard.

d) Royal British Legion – 100 year anniversary. The RBL would like to erect a flagpole at the War Memorial (permanent one, not temporary as it is now) plus place a flagstone within the memorial area.

e) Father Dumitru replies to concerns regarding the number of worshipers who are at the Chapel on Boston Road for Sunday service. He said that the 2 m rule within the Chapel is adhered to and all must wear masks. He said that there is to be no mixing between households within the Chapel. All participants are booked in advance and names and phone numbers recorded. The service is being broadcast for those who cannot attend. He said however, that despite warnings, some worshippers that are not booked in for the service are still gathering before the service to meet up with friends. He has stated that they are following all Government guidelines.

It does not seem as though guidelines are being adhered to despite Father Dumitru’s assurances. It was resolved that as landlords for the Chapel we have a duty to ask the Police to follow this up. Clerk to ask Police to investigate.

f) A resident had requested that she be allowed to repaint the bench outside Woodlands. It was resolved that the Clerk should (with agreement from the Chairman and Vice-Chairman) be delegated the authority to allow such work requests in the future to enable this sort of gesture to be approved without waiting for full council’s permission.

Town Hall

Cllr Danby reported that all of the exterior doors have now been replaced that were planned for.

The Town Hall will open for the elections on the 6th May but will not fully open for some time yet.


Cllr Shelton has removed all the wreaths but there is still some rubbish which will be removed soon. He asked whether the council could insist that all wreaths in future are eco friendly so that they can be put in the brown bins and recycled. Members agreed with this and notices will be put up prior to this Christmas period to hopefully cut the number of plastic based wreaths and wreaths with plastic flowers.

Parish Matters

Cllr O’Connor reported that she had been approached by a resident who wants to work with the youths in the village in various ways. He wants to attend next month’s meeting but wondered what support he would get from the Parish Council.

Cllr Danby thanked Cllrs O’Connor and Wright for their work getting Playdale to visit. It has given the Recreational Spaces Committee ground to work from.

Cllr G Cole asked whether the Parish Council could supply litter pickers for Kirton Holme area. She was advised to go to the Wombles first to see what they suggested as they are getting offers of sponsorship coming in from all angles at the moment.

a) Reports from committee meetings held since last Council meeting

The staffing committee had met since the last meeting. The Clerk’s appraisal had been discussed. The Clerk has resigned the role of Responsible Financial Officer. This needs to be advertised. The Clerk will write an advert for the role.

It was resolved that as the role will now split into two, it was time to update equipment and as such the council will need to purchase laptops etc. It was resolved that the Staffing Committee/Finance Committee will be pre-approved to spend up to £2000 for this equipment.

b) Allotment’s update

The Clerk is still awaiting clarification as to whether agricultural land is ok to use for allotments.

Cllr P Watson has not yet identified any potential land owners with land for sale, but is hoping to after the elections. He and Cllr Brotherton will approach land owners.

Reports for Various Bodies

Nothing to report

Planning applications

B-21-0143 – Erection of straw store at The Holmes, Holmes Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

B-21-0144 – Erection of straw store at The Holmes, Holmes Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

B-21-0118 – Change of use of land from agricultural use to residential use and the erection of a garage and a maintenance equipment store at The Farm Yard, Mill Lane, Kirton End – NO OBJECTIONS

B-21-0149 – Formation of an additional highway access at 2 Thorney Lane, Frampton – NO OBJECTIONS

B-21-0158 – Proposed horse walker for up to four horses at Holly Cottage, Drainside North, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

B-21-0170 – Change of use from dwelling to storage & distribution (Class B8) at Dent Cottage, 7 Willington Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

Determined Applications

B-21-0033 – Single Storey side extension onto previous extension at 3 Chapelgate, Kirton End – GRANT

Date & time of the next Parish Council Meeting

Date & Time of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday 20th May 2021 at Main Hall, Kirton Town Hall beginning at the conclusion of the Annual Parish Meeting which will begin at 6 pm. There being no further business to discuss, the Chairman thanked those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at 9.30pm.



Contact details for your local Councillors:

Cllr Ian Cole
Tel : 07808 657718 

Village Ward Members:

Cllr Colin Brotherton
Tel: 01205 724394  
Cllr Peter Watson (and Borough)                             
tel: 01205 619885 
Cllr Lorraine O’Connor                                                  
Tel: 07490 939860 
Cllr Sandi Watson                                                            
Tel: 07535 326689 
Clerk: Mrs Belinda Buttery                                          
Tel: 01205 460618 

 Cllr Michael Brookes (County)                           
Tel: 01205 820616 
Cllr Alison Austin (County)                                          
Tel: 01205 368351 
Mobile: 07731690034 
Cllr David Brown (Borough)                                          


Holme Ward Members:

Cllr David Smith
Tel: 01205 290809
Email: smithsutton1@btinternet.com

Cllr Claire Rylott (and Borough)
Tel: 01205 290386
Email: claire.rylott@boston.gov.uk


Mrs Belinda Buttery
Tel: 01205 460618
Email: belindabuttery@hotmail.com

Cllr Michael Brookes (County)
Tel: 01205 820616
Email: cllrm.brookes@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr Alison Austin (County)
Email: cllra.austin@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr James Edwards (Borough)
Email: james.edwards@boston.gov.uk

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp
Tel: 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).


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