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Parish Council News

Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- January 2017

Public Forum

Four residents attended. One Resident reported that the entrance to Dennis Estate floods quite considerably on both. The rain fall does not have to be heavy for this to happen. He also reported that vehicles such as workman’s vans churn up the mud at the edges which makes more mud/sludge go into the drains at this point.

The same resident has also been researching the War heroes of the 2 Great Wars. He has, he says, found two new names which should be added to both the War Memorial plus the memorial in the Church.

One resident was concerned that the Persimmon Developers have put a footpath in which he says encroaches onto the grassed area in front of the Cemetery which he says belongs to the Parish Council, plus he said that the footpath has been made wider. Cllr Lee has already met with the developers and the Borough Council to discuss this matter. The grassed area in front of the Cemetery is in fact Highways Not Parish Land, the developer will grade the footpath and re seed it so that it is easier to cut the grass. The footpath is itself going to be extended in the future to the Bungley Lane entrance.

The same resident is concerned as 3 trees to the rear of the Church in the grounds of Rectory House have been hacked right back. Cllr Rylott will contact Matt Fisher at the Borough as the Borough still has responsibility for this area at the moment.

Chairman’s comments

He informed members that following the council’s complaint to the Police regarding the answering times plus the attitude to some of the call takers on 101, he had visited with Cllr Danby the headquarters in Nettleham. He described the procedures for calls being. All calls taken are answered by 4 operators only. Each call is actioned according to the resources available. There are only 40 Police Officers on duty at all times in Lincolnshire, and 3 of these are armed response based in Nettleham

Cllr Turner welcomed our new councillor, Peter Watson.

The dropped manhole/drain cover on the A16 will result in a road closure on the A16 when it is fixed. When this will happen is still not known.

Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members’ disclosable pecuniary interests.

Cllr Lee reported he had an interest in item 12 on the Agenda, Town Hall as his daughter is on the committee.

Police Matters

Cllr Turner has been in regular touch with the Police Station. It is reported to be calm in the village at the moment but the Police have been asked to up their patrols of the Park as the nights get lighter.

Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a) Citizens Advice Lincolnshire – request for a donation. It was resolved not to donate to organisations outside of the Parish.

b) Prices gathered for noticeboards – consider quotation to purchase new noticeboard.

It was resolved that the quotation that the Council should go ahead with is that of the one from the window company as theirs is suitable for the purpose but not priced as high as those who say they are for Parish Councils/Schools. Clerk to organise fitting of new noticeboard asap.

c) LALC – Council tax referendum principles have NOT been extended to Parish and Town Councils in 2017/18 – although the level of precept is being closely monitored.

d) Lincolnshire County Council – Street Lighting Transformation Project Update

Planning applications: Decided Applications:

B/16/0400 – Erection of a dwelling adjacent to 41 Thomas Middlecott Drive (existing single garage to be demolished) at 41, Thomas Middlecott Drive – REFUSED

B/16/0419 - Application under x.73a for the removal of condition 3 (extensions) of planning permission B/06/0361 to enable extensions and outbuildings to be constructed under the provision of part 1, schedule 2, (class A) and (Class E) of the Town and Country Planning (GPD)(England) Order 2015 – GRANT

B/16/0432 – Erection of a detached garage and creation of a new vehicular access at 283 Willington Road, Kirton – GRANT

B/16/0395 – Application under s73a for the variation of condition 2 (i.e. standard compliance condition listing all plans), condition 7 (e. details of the siting, design and appearance of the switchgear building) and condition 8 (i.e. details relating to the number, design and siting of the CCTV cameras) attached to permission B/15/0001. These amendments include alterations to the layout of the site and the siting/design of the arrays, the installation of 2 transformer stations and an increase in the number of CCTV cameras from 4 to 23 – GRANT

B/16/0407 – Outline application with all matters reserved for no3. Dwellings at Land to the east of 26-34 Boston Road, Kirton – GRANT

B/16/0361 – Part demolition, conversion, extensions and erection of new buildings to form 4 residential dwellings and revisions to the frontage of existing dwelling at 24-26 High Street, Kirton – GRANT

B16/0396 – Retrospective application for a change of use from land for the keeping leisure horses to domestic curtilage (Class C3); retention of single store extension to rear elevation, retention of UPVC timber effect conservatory to rear elevation; retention of stained timber picket fence to western boundary at Red Brick Barn, Drainside North, Kirton - GRANT

Town Hall

The recent requests to the Town Hall Committee were discussed. Further discussion has been requested of the Town Hall Committee.

It was resolved that due to the declining number of attendees at the coffee mornings on a Friday, the meeting place should be the Upsall Room. This will take place in one month.


The boundary hedge has now been cut but the clippings are still on site due to the ground being so wet. It was agreed by the cemetery committee that the contractor could leave them until the weather improves. Clerk to erect notices for visitors to the Cemetery.

Reports for Various Bodies

Cllr Watson reported that a light pole down on Skeldyke had been knocked over but has been made safe.

Cllr Foster reported that the garden rubbish previously reported at Whitbread Lane is still there. Cllr Rylott will chase.

Cllrs Lee and Turner reported other fly tipping that Cllr Rylott will take up with the Borough.

Cllr Rylott reported that the pedestrian rail at Little Side Road has still not been fixed. Clerk to chase.

Parish matters

a) Inspection Rota. Cllr Hannay took the next month. Cllr Hannay was asked to find the 2nd goal post and let the Clerk know when he had located it so that it can be installed at the Park.

b) Reports from committee meetings held since last Council meeting.

Cllr Ransome called a meeting for the 6th Feb for the OAP Xmas Party, the Last Night of the Proms Committee will also meet at the same time as most are on both committees.


The Next meeting of
Kirton Parish Council is:-

Thursday 20th April 2017
at 7.00pm prompt
The Upsall Room, Kirton Town Hall


Contact details for your local Councillors:

Chairman & Borough Council: Cllr Alan Lee 01205 723612
Vice Chairman: Cllr Ian Turner 01205 723986

Village Ward Members:
Cllr Colin Brotherton 01205 724394
Cllr Michael Bourne 07951 909345
Cllr John Fitzgerald 01205 724250
Cllr Richard Foster 01205 722306
Cllr Marcus Hannay 07939 106136
Cllr Alan Lee 01205 723612
Cllr Sue Ransome 01205 311373
Cllr Ian Turner 01205 723986
Cllr Lynne Fossitt 01205 363173

Kirton Holme Ward Members:
Cllr David Smith 01205 290809
Cllr Stephen Carter 01205 724193
Cllr Claire Rylott 01205 290386

Cllr Michael Brookes (County) 01205 820616
Cllr Paul Skinner (County) 01205 353754
Cllr Brian Rush (Borough) 01205 290488

Mrs Belinda Buttery 01205 460618 email: belindabuttery@hotmail.com

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).