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Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- August 2018

Public Forum

The resident came to complain that the bins at the cemetery were all by the front gate and none were in the middle of the cemetery where most of the visitors to the cemetery go to and where rubbish is left. The resident was informed that the reason that the green bins were at the front gate was because they were waiting to be emptied by the Borough as the probation services had been in the cemetery clearing graves and had used the bins to put the rubbish in. The brown bins are for the probation services to use, not the residents as they put wrappers in the brown bins so they are kept away from the main part of the cemetery.

The resident also complained that a limb reported to the chairman as down in the cemetery had not been removed. It will be removed he was told.

The resident also was a member of the Friday Group and informed members that due to the generous nature of the village residents’ tools etc had been donated to them and therefore they no longer needed to buy any. (the resident left)

Chairman’s comments

The Chairman reported on the recent meeting between Cllrs Davies/Austin/Brookes and Danby (Highways matters within the Parish). The roundabout is still awaiting the chevrons and blue arrow signs to be put back. The issue of Skeldyke Road speeding is in hand with Highways and could be addressed imminently. The issue of speeding around the Middlegate/Boston Road area was discussed. Parking outside the Chapel was also raised.

The Chairman thanked the speedy response from the Fire Station during the recent flood. They were on hand very quickly and did an excellent job.

Apologies for absence and reason given

Cllr M Brookes and Cllr D Smith sent their apologies and reasons for absence which were accepted by the Council.

Receipt of any declarations of interest

Cllr Bemrose declared a personal interest in item 11. Town Hall on the agenda as her mother is Chairman.

Cllr Ransome declared an interest in Planning as she is Vice Chairman on the planning committee at the Borough, she will take no part in discussions in this item. Cllr Ransome is also a member of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan committee.

Cllr Rylott declared an interest in Planning as she is on the planning committee at the Borough, she will take no part in discussions in this item. She is also Vice-Chairman of the South East Lincolnshire Local Plan committee.

Cllrs Hannay and Turner also declared a personal interest in planning item B/18/0322 as the applicant is personally known to them

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was resolved that the notes of the meeting held on the 19th July 2018, previously circulated, should be recorded as the minutes.

Police Matters

Cllr Turner thanked PC Wilson for his efforts in his short time within the Parish. He has now retired and PC Jon Thornton will take over duties.

Restorative justice has been taken following on from the incident at the Kirton Cottage. Two other youths are still under investigation following on from this incident.

The reported trailer across the road down Sykemouth Drove has been reported by Highways to the Police, Cllr Turner will follow this up.

Viewpoints on questions from members of the public

No further comments made.

Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Councillors/Boston Borough Councillors

Cllr Austin reported that a meeting had been held the day before to discuss the ongoing drainage issues in Kirton. A feasibility study is required to bring all the relevant organisations around the table. The funding for this study has been agreed. The study will allow consideration as to whether any agreed scheme will be funded nationally in aid or by a local partnership. Either way the study is likely and any subsequent grant applications will take 12 months minimum to complete. Should LCC need to fund any work however, it is unlikely to begin before 2021 due to a full programme of work.

Cllr Foster reported that when the now Tattoo Studio was built on the corner of High Street/Boston Road, a craile tunnel had collapsed and rather than repair it, it was filled in. Clerk to report this to Highways team.

Cllr Rylott reported that she was looking forward to meeting a lady who was involved in promoting Hull when it was city of culture to help promote Mayflower 2020.

She also reported the good news that the Stump had received 1.2 million pounds in funding from Heritage. This will go towards improvements in the Stump, which is good for the town’s tourism.

Cllr Ransome reported that the BTAC team are working around the Town to clean/tidy areas up. Weeding and using the chewing gum removal machine were also being done.

Accounts for payment

The accounts for payment as per payment sheet dated August 2018/19 (5 of 12) were to be emailed to all.

Signs ordered from Hutsons to replace damage ones in cemetery - Wait until produced

Removed Chairman’s board ready to be given to sign writers

Board to be updated

Potholes reported on A16 at the roundabout to LCC - Monitor

Potholes on Sykemouth Drove reported to LCC plus the trailer that will make it difficult/impossible to repair any potholes that is across the roadway- Monitor

Boston Road reported to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership – stating the 3 accidents in the last couple of months. Querying what could be done to make this small stretch safer – speed goes from 50mph on the road approaching Kirton from Wyberton down to 30mph – does the 30-mph zone need extending towards Wyberton?

Await response from LRSP

Quotations to be sought from local builders to upgrade the ramp at the rear of the Town Hall – one builder contacted. 2 more to get quotes from - Wait for 3 quotes

Tree limb to be removed from cemetery – Cut and remove

Reported the overgrown hedge outside 52 Station Road to LCC - Monitor

Purchase key cabinet for Town Hall office - Order

Tree reported by Fr Paul to be down in the Churchyard, reported to tree surgeon to remove as over footpath on Willington Road - Tree surgeon to sort

Overgrown hedge reported to LCC ref: outside 45 Lighton Avenue - Monitor

Deliver Chairman’s board to sign writer to get updated - Monitor

Overgrown bushes/hedges at A16/Station Road reported again to LCC.

Pothole at junction of A52/A1192 reported to LCC.

Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a) Email received from resident who is not happy that the Parish Council has not reversed its decision to keep the additional precept monies.

Further to this email a complaint has now been received. This will be dealt with as per the Complaints Policy

b) Lincolnshire County Council – Essential Maintenance Work – Station Road between 9th and 10th August.

c) Lincolnshire County Council – Kirton/Frampton, West End Road- proposed 40 mph speed limit - Full support given

d. Boston Community Transport – request for donation and information.

Clerk to supply Kirton News information to enable them to get further volunteers/advertise their service.

e. A letter of thanks was received from St Peter and St Paul’s church following on from the flower festival in which over £1600 was raised.

Parish matters

a) Reports from committee meetings held since last Council meeting. - None held

b) Update on Park Inspections

Repairs have been made to the park since the parts arrived, but the inspection is showing some other issues, Clerk to arrange parts and fitting.

c) To consider how to spend additional precept monies with in the Parish and how to get the residents involved in the decision.

The list was discussed and the following resolved.

Father Paul: Repairs paid for to the Church clock, £1480, £250, yes.

Cllr Rylott: Millennium sign refurbishment at Kirton Holme, £2000. Revised amount quotation £1000, yes.

Additional planter at Kirton Holme: £400-£500, yes.

Cllr Sharp: Benches at War Memorial, £400 each, 2 purchased, no.

Replacing the wooden windows in the Town Hall Tower, yes if agreed by planning.

Cllr Watson: Any money not used, could go into investing in the Kings Head project . Will bring a return back to the Parish in the future, no

Cllr Bemrose: Monies towards tools for Friday group, Not known, She should liaise with Friday group, not needed.

War Memorial wall repointed both inside and out, Not known, yes.

Purchase of a pressure washer to enable the war memorial area to be cleaned regularly, Don’t buy, hire one when needed, YES.

Contribution towards the Youth Centre replacing the stair lift £20000, £250, yes if get it working first.

Cllr Foster: Installation of a stage in the Main Hall of the Town Hall, £ not known, ask town hall what they want.

Cllr Danby: Reinstate bus stop on High Street near Kirton Antiques, £8000, Not to put in original place, but nearer kerb, no.

Upgrade/installation of CCTV to the Town Hall, £3500 approx, yes.

Replacing the guttering where old cast with new plastic when the Pointing is done. Paint it when windows/pointing done, Not replaced – it is to be repaired by roofer.

Paint around window areas when pointing done at Town Hall, £500 approx, yes.

Cllr Swan-Smith: Replace old benches in Kirton End, £500 each approx, yes buy 2.

Cllr Turner: Replace dead tree outside Town Hall, yes

Full Council: Community Speed Watch - equipment needed/training, £3000, yes

It was resolved also to put on Facebook/Kirton News a piece asking for residents ideas.

d) Update on ‘There but not There’ structure.

e) To consider doing a Neighbourhood Plan

Members resolved that this could be a positive tool for the Parish. Cllr Turner offered to head up this group, Cllrs Watson and Hannay also volunteered. Cllr Turner will seek volunteers from the Parish to see this through.

f) To consider revamp of existing Town Hall CCTV and to have infrared cameras/motion detectors.

This has been agreed under the additional precept monies spend.

g) To consider prize amounts/prizes for Kirton in Bloom

First prize in categories to be £25 in garden vouchers, 2nd price £15. It was agreed that an additional category be added this year in recognition of outstand public service by a resident. Clerk to invite winners/runners up to the September meeting for the prize giving.

Reports for Various Bodies

Cllr Hannay reported the weed situation in the kerb edges is getting worse. Clerk to report to LCC.

Planning applications:

Erection of 2 semi-detached bungalows and 4 detached bungalows and detached garages and associated site works at Land rear of 62 Willington Road, Kirton – no objections however, access narrow.

Approval of reserved matters (scale, layout, landscaping and appearance) following outline approval (Erection of up to 195 dwellings including access off Middlegate Road West, public open space and drainage infrastructure) at land north of Middlegate Road (west), Frampton – no objections.

Erection of 2 no. detached dwellings (1 two storeys with integral garage, 1 bungalow with detached garage), and new vehicular access at 52 Station Road, Kirton – access to rear property is extremely narrow, even more so than the previous application for this site which was rejected. this is still a tandem development and the size of the properties is deemed inadequate.

Change of use of existing store area into hot food takeaway (Class A5) and relocation of ATM at One Stop Shop, 47 London Road, Kirton - no objections.


The Next meeting of
Kirton Parish Council is:-

Thursday 15th November
at The Upsall Room, Kirton Town Hall


Contact details for your local Councillors:

Cllr Ian Turner
Tel: 01205 723986

Vice Chairman:
Cllr David Danby
Tel: 01205 724650

Village Ward Members:

Cllr David Danby
Tel: 01205 724650
Email: danbydavid@yahoo.co.uk

Cllr Richard Foster
Tel: 01205 722306

Cllr Marcus Hannay
Tel: 0780 1986348
Email: m.hannay1@btinternet.com

Cllr Sue Ransome
Tel: 01205 311373
Email: sueransome@dransome.plus.com

Cllr Ian Turner
Tel: 01205 723986
Email: patrick1@patrick1.plus.com

Cllr Peter Watson
Tel: 01205 619885
Email: pmfwatson@talktalk.net

Cllr Rebecca Bemrose
Tel: 01205 624396
Email: rebecca.bemrose@aol.com


Holme Ward Members:

Cllr David Smith
Tel: 01205 290809
Email: smithsutton1@btinternet.com

Cllr Claire Rylott (and Borough)
Tel: 01205 290386
Email: claire.rylott@boston.gov.uk


Mrs Belinda Buttery
Tel: 01205 460618
Email: belindabuttery@hotmail.com

Cllr Michael Brookes (County)
Tel: 01205 820616
Email: cllrm.brookes@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr Alison Austin (County)
Email: cllra.austin@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Cllr James Edwards (Borough)
Email: james.edwards@boston.gov.uk

Cemetery Manager:
Geoff Sharp
Tel: 01205 361634

The Parish Council office is open on Tuesday mornings between 9 and 11 am every week except for August when it is closed for the whole month. The office is in the Town Hall (entry via door next to the car park entrance).