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Meet The Locals

This month we’re talking to Toni Barwell from Unirose which offer care coordination and companionship locally.

I’ve been working in health and social care for the last 24 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else… this is definitely my vocation in life. I love that every day is different and I adore working on the frontline, hoping to leave a positive footprint.

I have worked a range of interesting roles, starting my career as a Care Assistant working with people who have learning difficulties, Community Mental Health Worker, Registered Care Manager, Support Worker on the Endoscopy Unit in hospital, and as an Operations Manager. I have run a number of government and local funded projects, one raising awareness of Health and Social Care careers, another promoting Dementia Champions and another supporting the training opportunities across the care sector. I used to travel the country to audit care homes that needed to improve their services.

I’ve been working as an Independent Care Coordinator for over five years, I’m walking the journey with people, advocating and fighting for what’s right and just for people and their support networks. I help people plan for their current and future situations, exploring funding avenues, reducing utility bills and introducing equipment to help them stay well. This isn’t a job to me, it’s a way of life, which is how the people I work for can have access to me or the team, 7 days a week, at anytime of the day and night and we act as a responsive service.

My daughter, Millirose, is an integral part of how Unirose wasdeveloped. She is very proud of her amazing role. My husband,

Jamie, is so supportive of this way of life and gets involved as and when needed. As a family, we all enjoy Taekwondo, love all of our beautiful pets, enjoy Bonsia Trees and nature walks.




Kirton Church Fund

Winning numbers for the draw on 31st March will be in the May magazine and the 28th April draw numbers in the June magazine

Having received the books back after their annual audit I have again checked through them to update you on the winning streaks as promised. In all this last year we have had 20 different numbers winning with 2 of them winning twice and one lucky number three times!

Since we started the draw in June 2012 we have paid out £7315.89 in prize money and had a total of 81 different winners with 8 numbers winning once and 73 winning more than once.

Currently we have 51 players the same number as this time last year. Only four players are currently waiting for their first win. The other members have all won several times. Of our February winning numbers have both had previous wins. Congratulations to both players.

Looking back at my report in the April magazine last year I commented on my May 2019 report in which I said “Currently, money is being raised to replace the roofs of the chancel and side aisles, all of which are leaking quite badly when it rains heavily.” Unfortunately, five years on, we still need to replace the lead on all three of these roofs. We urgently need to raise money to do this. We have been working really hard to raise the very large amount of money needed. We are working on getting grants but we do need to match fund these.

Kirton Church Fund is one way we raise money for the church. You could help us do this and be in with a chance of winning the monthly draw. Why not come and join us? We have plenty of room for more members and there is a very good chance of winning. It’s still only £5 a number each month as it was when we started way back in June 2012. Not much else has stayed the same price since then! Most of the members pay annually (£60), some pay £30 for 6 months, some £15 for 3 months or you can of course pay the £5 monthly if you wish. The choice is yours. You can also have more than one number. Anyone over 18 may take part.

The prize fund is ¼ of the money taken each month. The rest of the money goes to Kirton Church. The more people that take part the higher the prize money and the more money we raise for the church. Registration forms are available from Fay, please ring 01205 723529, or pick up a form from the back of the church or from Paula’s Gifts on Station Road. If you would like more information please give Fay a ring.

February 2024 Winners

1st PRIZE - £47.81 - TICKET NUMBER: 65
2nd PRIZE - £15.94 - TICKET NUMBER: 30

Data protection. All information (name, address and phone number) of Kirton Church Fund members is held solely for the purpose of managing Kirton Church Fund and is not passed on to any other organisation or used for any other purpose.


Feathers from Above

We would like to introduce our latest In Memory Appeal for 2024, Feathers from Above. At St Barnabas Hospice we recognise the importance for those in our local Lincolnshire communities (not just those touched by Hospice care) to remember their loved ones. Every two years we present an ironwork campaign, which consists of a bespoke, handmade ironwork that can be displayed at home or outside in the garden. Our previous ‘In Memory’ campaigns include the Forget Me Nots at Lincoln Castle, Dragonflies at Doddington Hall, and Forever in our Hearts at the Deans Green, Lincoln Cathedral.

This year we are proud to be working with local artist Kevin Baumber, who has designed and created our incredible feather ironwork. Feathers from Above will be presented in the beautiful surroundings of Aubourn Hall, Gardens and Grounds from Thursday 2nd May to Sunday 19th May, 10am - 4pm. This will include the 1,000 feather ironworks forming a stunning interactive display of art. It offers a wonderful day out to enjoy the grounds at times that are not usually open to the public.

In addition to the day experiences, on the evenings of Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd of May we will be hosting special opportunities of reflection. This will consist of ambient music, a live saxophonist, welcome refreshments, and a display our supporters' dedications.

A feather ironwork is available to purchase for £40, which includes an engraved tag of your loved one for you to keep forever.

If you are interested in coming along to any of our Feather from Above events or would like to purchase a feather, please visit our St Barnabas website https://stbarnabashospice.co.uk/

Thoughts brought home from aboard
A short story sent to us by Bill Crewdson
- Part 2

The meeting was to take place at 9pm in Michael’s Hotel room. The appointed time came and went. Michael was about to give up hope when the door burst open and two very large men entered the room carrying pistols, they were members of the Stasi - the East German Secret Police.

Michael was over-powered and taken prisoner.The two men bundled him down the stairs and into the ubiquitous Black Mercedes which drove off at high speed. After a few hours of fast driving out of the city, the car pulled up outside a small cottage off the beaten track. Michael was hustled inside. The cottage was I it by oil lamps and bereft of any furniture save for an old kitchen table and two rickety typists chairs,

One of the chairs was occupied by a sprawling figure with it's back to Michael as he came in. This is not good he thought, I'm as good as dead.

Michael was thrust into the other chair, his arms and legs were secured to it by means of strong ropes. Whilst he was being tied up, two more figures entered the room. One was a man of about fifty, medium height and stocky build and wearing a heavy overcoat. The starkness of his shaven head was offset by the luxuriant growth of beard on his face. Michael recognised him immediately from his file photo, he was Colonel Otto Wietz, the Stasi's chief Interrogator.

The other figure was that of a woman, about thirty, long black hair shiny as a raven's wing, with a face and figure designed to haunt most men's dreams. She was wearing a tattoo, a small discreet one on the back of her left hand. Her name was Helga Bieus and she was one of the Stasi's top Agents. In spite of his dire predicament Michael gazed at her appreciatively for although the expression on her face spoke of indifference her eyes told a different story.

Colonel Wietz enjoyed bringing Helga along to these occasions he thought she would be impressed by his power and ruthlessness and eventually succumb to his desires, although thus far she had rejected him. He approached Michael's chair and spoke.

'Ah! Mr Grey - at last we meet, although I am sure you do not share my enthusiasm. I regret to say that your journey has been a wasted one".

He then snapped out an order to one of the guards, who reacted immediately by spinning the chair opposite around to face Michael. He was shocked to see sitting across from him the double agent he was supposed to meet, looking very dead with a bullet hole in centre of his forehead.

Admission to Kirton Nursery School – Don’t End Up on the Waiting List

Places are already filling quickly for September 2024 in Kirton Primary School’s award-winning Nursery.

If you know anyone else who might benefit from the village school’s excellent Nursery facilities, please let them know they will need to apply early. Remember, they are the only local provider with fully qualified, schoolteachers. The difference between those children who have attended the school’s Nursery, and those who have attended another nursery or no nursery, is stark when the children enter our Reception class. The children at Kirton Nursery School begin to learn numeracy and literacy skills, including phonics, as soon as they begin their journey with the school.

If your child’s date of birth falls between 1.9.20 and 31.8.21, and you would like a place at the Nursery, please send an email to enquiries@kirton-boston.lincs.sch.uk and the school will forward details on how to apply.

Remember, every child is entitled to 15 free hours a week at the schoolteacher-led Nursery. These can be taken in the morning, in the afternoon or all day, as long as the Nursery has enough places available. The Nursery is regularly oversubscribed.

As well as the 15 free hours a week, to which all three-year-olds are entitled, the Nursery offers additional sessions over and above these, as well as flexibility when selecting sessions for your child. You may choose mornings, afternoons, or a mixture of both, including full days - or even 5 full days a week. The Nursery will do its best to accommodate your request.

Additional sessions, above the free entitlement of 15 hours, may be purchased at a cost of £12.50 for 3 hours. This is extremely competitive. Eligible working parents may actually be entitled to 30 free hours for their child. If you are unsure as to whether this may apply to you, please contact the school for advice or visit the Nursery’s website. Lunch is also available if required.

Kirton Nursery School has had its outdoor area extensively remodelled – at a cost of eighty-three thousand pounds, to ensure the highest possible, quality outdoor provision.

Ofsted said of the Nursery:

Children in the Nursery Year settle quickly and make a good start to their school life. Staff build effective relationships with parents to meet children’s learning and care needs well. Relationships between adults and children throughout the early years are nurturing and positive. Well-structured routines and procedures mean that children enjoy their time in school and are kept safe. They cooperate with each other and behave well.

For further information, contact the office at enquiries@kirton-boston.lincs.sch.uk or on 01205 722236.