©Kirton News 2018

by Gladys Seabrook 1926 - 2014

From a gentle loving touch
To a grip of iron,
Hands were given
so that Man
Could fashion and design.
Everything they undertake
Be it for good or ill,
Clearly proves what
Man is worth
By power or by skill.
Hands can smooth a
furrowed brow,
Or fold in fervent prayer.
Clasp in warm companionship
Or minister with care.
They can pen a masterpiece,
With strength
a hammer wield,
Cut and fashion
rugged stone
Till beauty is revealed
They obey as Man decrees,
Forever serve him true,
Yielding harvests of reward
In all the things they do.
Feet may walk the
paths of life
And go where fate demands,
But little progress
can be made
Without a pair of hands.