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The Lone Anglo Saxon Warrior
by Samuel G Wainwright aged 9½

Anglo Saxon warrior clang of armoured shoes on stone
Anglo Saxon warrior in the battlefield alone

Cracks and dints in his gear
The bloody battle lasted a year

Roar! of Vikings still ringing
in his ears Axes and swords snappedhis spear

Battle was really dreaded
Many friends unfortunately beheaded

A dark and deathly atmosphere
Weapons of Vikings still strike fear

Metallic clash of weapons from friends and foes
Brave warriors in their terror froze

After a while they won! Clearly deserving a celebration
Happy cheers spread across the nation

Then all men filled with greed So kind hearted queen handed
out delicious honey mead

Anglo Saxon warrior now having a feast
Anglo Saxon warrior now battle has ceased

Anglo Saxon the Viking army will fall
Anglo Saxon safely in the mead hall

Now the Vikings has bred stronger horses
Oh No! they’ve come back with stronger forces!

Anglo Saxon boy had a terrible sighting
Another bloody battle and terrible fighting

Now Anglo Saxon warriors come to gether united
And stormed to the Vikings land quite uninvited!!!