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March 2018

The Editors Letter

We arrive then at the twilight moments of my involvement with Kirton News. Love and thanks go to you all my faithful followers but, I am afraid, abdication is iminent. I was thinking of applying to step in to Jacob Zuma’s position but couldn’t afford the jabs - or the air fare - so I’ll leave that one... for now!

I shall be reflecting on the last eight or so years in my final message but for now I can positively report that all may not yet be lost. After our eleventh hour appeal in the February mag possible candidates have stepped up to the oche and negotiations to keep Kirton News’ head above water are in hand. For those of you who genuinely care the message is keep everything crossed for the next week or so.

For those who don’t then, in the words of the Great Norman Stanley Fletcher - “Naff Off!”. Because I, for one, still believe.

In the midst of current events - yet more shootings at an American school; sex scandals galore; unabating Brexit bullshit and that pervading musty stench of damp wool (if not an entire sheep) being pulled over our collective eyes I hope all of you can take something encouraging from the way the Seasons are turning. As a regular getter-upper in early morning I am cheered to see that easterly glow on my way to the Bakery. And that westerly warmness on my way back from the boozer. Cheered more so because I am still around to see them. My sympathies and thoughts go out to you all – and there are several just of my aquaintence – who have experienced loss this Winter.

As I sit and compose this rubbish the realization bleeds into me that I shall miss these moments of enforced searching, thought and contemplation. I know that most of you ‘Tweet’ or ‘BookFace’ or such to express your ponderings, criticisms and opinions but, If any of you know me you will appreciate my utter abhorrance of the ‘Social Media’ explosion. Because folks can ramble when they have ‘ad a few’ and think it doesn’t count so much disturbance, trouble and downright hatred can result. It isn’t good in the long, or sometime short term. At least putting your thoughts in print - which can be there for a thousand years - makes one concious of exactly what damage hasty words can do.

Think on.

And finally. This issue is quite diverse in interest, something I have always attempted to bring you. Please take time to peruse all the articles. Everyone has something to say and should be respected for that and we should all be grateful for the freedom we (still) have in this country to express ourselves and our beliefs. Perhaps with the exception of the U.S. Second Amendment.




Heritage Lincolnshire’s Campaign to Save Kirton’s Old King’s Head

A local charity with over 25 years’ experience in saving historic buildings at risk from dereliction they purchased the building in 2016 and have been working to develop the repair programme, business plan and fundraising strategy ever since. The total project cost is £2.4 million and a grant of £1,987,300 has just been confirmed from the Heritage Lottery Fund! Local lottery players have therefore contributed to the restoration of this historic building and Heritage Lincolnshire is thrilled to have brought this investment back into the county.

The building has been in a very poor state for many years. This has recently caused alarm and Boston Borough Council intervened, installing bracing to sure-up the north eastern wall. However, this was just a temporary measure and a full scheme of repairs is now needed to ensure its future is secured. Heritage Lincolnshire was asked to help in 2014. The charity responded, recognising that the Old King’s Head was so severely at risk; the rare example of Fenland Artisan Mannerist Style architecture might be lost forever!

With support from Boston Borough Council, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Pilgrim Trust, and the Architectural Heritage Fund; Heritage Lincolnshire carried out a full survey of works that would be needed to return the building to good health and found a new use that would also benefit the local community.

While emergency repairs were carried out in the autumn of 2017, after weeks of fixing and clearing the Old King’s Head was happily water and wind tight for winter 2017.

But there is still such a long way to go! Full refurbishment of the entire building is set to start this year if the full £2.4 million can be secured. This ambitious project will bring vitality and interest back into the centre of the village. The café, B&B and tourist destination will provide 14 local job, sell local produce, encourage tourists to stay longer in the area, and bring business to the rest of the village.

Discoveries, Tours, Volunteers and more…

Heritage Lincolnshire were extremely lucky that the historic property deeds were gifted to the charity with the purchase of the property. The deeds contain information about the inn starting from 1599. Throughout 2017 a team of volunteers with an interest in researching the inn have been sorting through these documents. These volunteers have given the charity an insight to the of stories of the Kirton citizens behind the names on the deeds.

The first evidence that we have found for the inn is in John Wybeard’s Will, which names the Old King’s Head as The Swan in 1625. Other landlords include the now notorious William Rastall, who researchers traced throughout the records of his appearance in court at the Boston Sessions house for rowdiness and philanderous behaviour.

Bringing even more intrigue to the inn is landlord and champion boxer Johnny Cuthbert who came to the Old King’s Head 60 years ago.

The more the volunteers uncover about the Old King’s Head the more fascinating the stories become.

Tours of the building have been offered to over 200 visitors and will continue to be offered as the building is conserved and reopened.

Hear from a Volunteer!

 “Having watched the decline in the building known as the Kings Head in Kirton I was overjoyed to learn two years ago that Heritage Lincolnshire were purchasing the site with a view to restoring the Kings Head to its former glory.

On my very first tour of the building I was dismayed to witness the general state of decay but at the same time I wanted to give of my time and energy to assist where I could in the restoration.

I found that the many stories coming from the documents of the lives of the people who have owned or run the Kings Head fascinating. It is truly awe inspiring as it dates back to 1599 in the time of Elizabeth 1. It has been at the heart of the village and has witnessed many happy as well as sad times.

The interest from local people has been amazing as many remember the pub in its heyday and how it was the centre of the village.

I look forward to being part of this great adventure during the next few years and would encourage anyone who wants to help to join the team as a volunteer. It can only be good for the Kings Head and the village.

Do join us if you can.”

Carol Lidgett, volunteer

The largest funding contribution to Saving the Old King’s Head is from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Every time you buy a lottery ticket you give support. But, there’s no need to wait, you can get involved now! Every Wednesday volunteers like Carol Lidgett further their investigation into the story of the Old King’s Head.

Get involved, get in touch!

Would you like to volunteer?

Email us: htladmin@heritagelincolnshire.org or give us a call: 01529 461 499. Follow our story: Heritagelincolnshire.org


The Kirton Church Fund

The February draw takes place on Sunday 25th and the winning numbers will be printed in the April magazine.

The March draw takes place on Sunday 25h and the winning numbers will be printed in the May magazine

Having received the books back after their annual audit I thought I would check through and update you on the winning streaks! In all we have had 48 winners with 13 having won once and the rest more than once. We have paid out £3217.15in prize money since we started the draw in June 2012. Of our January winners, one is a first time winner and the other has won once before. Congratulations to both of them.

You too could join the Kirton Church Fund (KCF) monthly draw and win! Anyone over 18 may take part. We still have plenty of room for more members and there is a very good chance of winning in the Kirton Church Fund monthly draw.

The prize fund each month is 1/4 of the money taken each month. The rest of the money goes to the Kirton Church Fund. The more people that join the higher the prize fund and the more money we raise for the church. Registration forms are available from Fay, please ring 01205 723529, or for more information about Kirton Church Fund please give Fay a ring.

January 2018 Winners

1st PRIZE - £38.43- TICKET NUMBER: 71
2nd PRIZE - £12.81 - TICKET NUMBER: 69


Letters to the Editor

Dear Kirton residents, Since I moved back to Lincolnshire and so to Kirton I have enjoyed keeping in touch with the village news via our village magazine, Kirton News. It is also extremely handy when I’m looking for a tradesman to do a particular job.

In those 18 years the editor of the magazine has changed 3or 4 times. But someone has always stepped forward to keep OUR village magazine going.

Also, during those 18 years, the village has grown tremendously with the population growing rapidly.

Surely, with an increased population, there must be someone who who is prepared to take on this task. Don’t hide you your talents, grasp this challenge! I’m sure Sam will tell you it is a worthwhile task. It is such a useful link for so many people please don’t let it die. Your village NEEDS YOU!

With best wishes,

Fay Houltby


Kirton Kids Club

Will this really be the last magazine issue for Kirton?

It will be very sad if it is. There is so much to read and enjoy about the Kirton Magazine and I for one enjoy telling you all about the Kids Club each month – what the children got up to, made and did.

I had already written my report – all about the Youths on the corner of the pathway at the back of the Youth Centre – who smoke cannabis every sunny day in the summer – making our outside space stink!

I had written them a heart felt message asking them to please stop coming there and how unfair it is on the children playing next to them.

Maybe they will read this and feel bad enough to stop – maybe they won’t.

Instead I want to send a big ‘’THANK YOU’’ to Sam and his team who get the magazine out each month – fill it with all the interesting and tasty bits – it will be a very sad day if this is to be the last time I send over my report to the ‘Editor’

The Kids Club has just celebrated its nineteenth birthday – so for every one of those years I have been writing monthly reports – but now what?

I guess I will just have to say for the last time – Kids Club is open for breakfast at 7.30 am and after school to 5.45 pm.

There are still a few places left but they go very quickly so for more information please look on our web site kirtonkidsclub.co.uk or phone 07583 762072 and we will be happy to give you the information you need.

Thanks again Sam and best wishes for the future!


The Royal British Legion
Women’s Branch, Kirton

It was with great pride and tinged with sadness that we laid up our Standard in Kirton Parish Church on 1st February 2018. Our Branch closed in May 2017 mainly due to an ageing membership, plus changes to the independence of the Women’s Section.

At this time we would like to thank the residents of Kirton and surrounding areas who have given us great support over the last 69 years. Our longest serving member is Mrs. Joan Hodgson. She joined in March 1948 when the Branch was formed and has held every position of office.She finishes as Branch President until the close.

We hope that when you visit the Parish Church you take time to view our Standard that hangs with pride. Some of the ladies have since joined the Men’s Branch to continue supporting this worthy cause. Thank you;

The View from the Vicarage

Encountering the Holy – being scared of the sacred.  Have you noticed the play on words – scared and sacred, simply swap two letters around and you change the meaning completely, scared and sacred.

I often feel that many people in today’s modern secular world, Christians included are afraid or scared of the sacred. Why should this be, possibly because the sacred takes us out of ourselves, out of our comfort zone and even suggests that we lose control and give that control to God, a higher power. One of the other reasons for being scared of the sacred is that entering into the sacred leads us beyond ourselves and our own powers to actually doing something about the sacred – action is required, and here is where it gets unnerving.

We lament the decline in worship attendance within the Church.  We have tried to inspire mission and evangelism by alarming ourselves and others with an unbalanced emphasis on sin and judgment. Churches have too often tried often in panic mode to manage worship and increase attendance with an unbalanced emphasis on obligation and procedure. These attempts are unbalanced because both are missing the same thing: A vision and experience of God’s holy presence and the good news of his kingdom. This leads to being scared of sacred.

Good worship is about all about awe, not strategy. Worship truly happens when people become aware that they are in the presence of the living God. This happened when Moses realized he was standing on holy ground. This isn’t the same as being afraid of God. That will drive us away from Him. It isn’t the same as feeling sentimental about God either. That reduces God to what some spiritual writers call “the heavenly sweetheart.” If we are afraid of God, then how can we ever know him and how can his news be good; if God’s only purpose is to make us happy then how can we call him Lord? These reductions of God’s presence and his good news diminish God and approach him as a force to be manipulated. But when we are in awe of God we are aware of His power and goodness and we are compelled to worship.

Awe should not be reduced to a single emotion. Awe includes many human emotions. For instance, we can be in awe of beauty or majesty. We can be in awe of power and strength. We can be in awe of talent and artistry. We can be in awe of mystery and wonder. Likewise, reverence should not be reduced to a single emotion. It does not simply mean sedate. For instance, we show reverence of marriage at a wedding and it is proper to be joyous. We show reverence for life and loved ones at a funeral and we feel grief and sadness but also may recall happy memories. Awe and reverence involve many moods and styles but they have one thing in common – response! Maybe it is the response element that makes us scared of sacred.

Awe and reverence are about more than “shock and awe” demonstrations of force. Do you recall how around this time a few years ago many people were moved by the movie by Mel Gibson “The Passion of the Christ?” Very few people watched that movie in a sedate, calm, reflective atmosphere. People were moved with grief and sorrow. They were, in the words of Scripture, cut to the quick. I remember at the end when the risen Christ leaves the tomb someone shouted “YES!” and applause broke out. This wasn’t exhibitionism. It was awe and reverence! The film also convicted people. Some responded by changing their lives. I recall coming out of the cinema and watching how people were almost bowing to the screen as if an altar in Church. This is what happens in worship: God’s presence and his actions are revealed and we must respond.

Our Response to God involves elements that we can speak of separately, but we must be careful not to break these down and separate them completely. On the one hand we have the substance of worship: these are things like the preaching of God’s word, praise, the Holy Eucharist, Baptism, prayer, the public reading of the word, confession, and thanksgiving. We include all the actions, forms, and traditions that God’s people have always used to participate in worship and encounter God’s presence. On the other hand, there is the experience of the worshipper and the worshipping church. This involves current events, language, issues, problems, feeling, style, style of church music. 

When a local congregation experiences a tragedy, perhaps a sudden death of a beloved member or leader, their worship that Sunday is going to be different than the congregation that on the same Sunday celebrates because people they have been praying for respond to the gospel. Each church participates in the same substance of worship, but their experience is different. That’s biblical; the psalms are a collection of Israel’s worship songs. Not every song comes from the same experience. Sometimes the psalmist is angry, confused, sad, thankful, joyous, or reflective. The experience can also vary because of culture.

When the substance of worship and the experience of the worshipper combine, worth is ascribed to God. That is the core dynamic of our response to God’s presence and his mighty acts. Combined, these elements represent our way of participating together in our worshipful response to God.

When you break out of the ordinary, the well worn ways of worship, when you dare to take off your shoes, you will find that you are indeed standing on Holy Ground – and what a difference it makes. Today think outside your normal Church of England worship box, let the silence, the lack of familiar words and postures speak to you of a deeper encounter with God.

Your friend and parish priest,

Fr Paul Blanch

Kirton Primary School to Feature on the BBC’s Inside Out programme

The BBC’s cameras have been rolling in Kirton. Following much national attention for Kirton Primary School’s unique Bank and Shop system – Learn and Earn - the BBC has visited the school to record the ground breaking work that is taking place.

Every child at Kirton Primary School, from Y1 to Y6, has a bank account at the school. The children have the opportunity to earn ‘money’ (the school has its own currency designed by the children) by achieving well academically, representing the school or completing tasks such as attending councillor meetings.

The school also has its own shop, full of exciting and often unique merchandise, where the children can spend their hard-earned money. The shop and bank are run entirely by a team of children – who also earn money for the jobs they do.

The school has been contacted by people and organisations all over the world, including America and South Africa, who wish to emulate the school’s success. There have been local radio interviews and interviews as far away as Columbia. The BBC placed two clips of our children on their website and they had received over a quarter of a million views apiece within 24 hours. The school is also set to appear on Newsround.

‘Kirton Primary School is the best state-funded primary school in Lincolnshire’

…for the second year running (and there are 319 primary schools in Lincolnshire).

The following quote comes directly from Lincolnshire Live:

Kirton Primary School is the best state-funded primary school in Lincolnshire, according to a comprehensive new guide. The Real Schools Guide 2018, compiled by Trinity Mirror’s data unit, aims to give a far more comprehensive picture than traditional league tables. The Guide, now in its fifth year, has been praised by education experts. Dr Elaine McCreery, head of primary initial teacher education at Manchester Metropolitan University, said the guide could help parents make decisions about where to apply for or be useful for those with children already at schools to get involved and support the school. This year’s results put Kirton Primary School near Boston on top as the best school in the local area.

A little village in Kirton has found its place on the national and international world map, thanks to its primary school. Who would have thought..?


Kirton Parish Council Meeting Minutes
- December 2017

Public Forum

No residents attended

Chairman’s comments

The full Council held a minute’s silence for the late Cllr Alan Lee who died suddenly. Following the silence, members gave fond tributes of the man and the councillor that Alan was.

The Chairman announced that the finance committees and the staffing committees is to be amalgamated into one group.

It was reported that the gate will be hung across the pathway between the Town Hall and Kings Court to maintain the legal right to the land held by the Parish Council. This will be done New Year’s Eve.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Danby and his partner, and all those who helped set up and run the OAP party.

Apologies for absence and reason given

Cllrs M Brookes, C Brotherton, D Danby, C Rylott sent their apologies and reasons for absence which were accepted by the Council.

Receipt of any declarations of interest in accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, and to consider any written requests for dispensations in relation to members’ disclosable pecuniary interests.

Cllr Bemrose declared a personal interest in item 12. Town Hall on the agenda as her mother is Chairman.

Cllr Ransome declared an interest in Planning as she is on the planning committee at the Borough.

Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting

It was resolved that the notes of the meeting held on the 16th November 2017, previously circulated, should be recorded as the minutes. Proposed by Cllr Bemrose, seconded by Cllr Watson agreed by the remainder.

Police Matters

No Police attended.

Viewpoints on questions from members of the public

No members of the public attended.

Report from the minutes of the previous meeting/Clerk’s report

a) Overgrown Ivy on footpath at the rear of the Bungalows on Lighton Avenue reported to Highways ref 101000242825

Correspondence received which the Council are invited to resolve on

a) Lincolnshire County Council – Highways grass cutting 2018/19. Confirmation received that Highways will pay for 2 safety cuts per year. Consider entering into the agreement with Highways again for 2018/19.

b) Sir Thomas Middlecott’s Exhibition Foundation – concern raised over condition of grounds of Park.

It was resolved that the Clerk should write to the Trust and assure them that routine inspections of the park are carried out both by the Council and the community Litter Picker.

c) Lincolnshire County Council – Scrutiny Review – Impact of the Part Night Street Lighting Policy – request for feedback, both positive and negative.

d) Operations Manager, Boston Borough Council – Old Cemetery Boston Road – whilst in the village looking at the grass cutting tender, they laid down an unsafe memorial.

e) Citizens Advice – request for funding/donation.

It was resolved to not donate.

Matters for the attention of Lincolnshire County Councillors/Boston Borough Councillors

Cllr Austin reported that the resurfacing to the two ends of Station Road will be definitely be carried out in 2018/19 financial year. The works will be planned but will be combined with drainage works should any be carried out with the ongoing flooding investigations.

She also reported that the surface water issues at St Thomas Middlecott Drive is under investigation.

Cllr Smith reported the state of Sykemouth Drove again. He stated that with the ongoing lorries collecting crops over 52 travelled down and obviously back in 10 days, this is resulting in collapsing sides and deep potholes. Cllr Austin will take this information away with her.

Planning applications:

B/17/0474 – Advertisement consent for 2 no. fascia signs, 9 no. direct print panels, 1 no. window graphic, 4 no. poster frames and 1 no. post sign at Coopers, 47 London Road, Kirton – NO OBJECTIONS

B/17/0476 – Change of use from shop (Class A1) to hot food takeaway (Class A5) on ground floor, and bedsit on first floor, together with a first-floor rear extension at 3 Station Road, Kirton – OBJECTIONS – Drawings show chimneys on the before and after pictures, no chimneys on building, they have been removed – request that they are reinstated as within a conservation area. Roof tiles have been replaced with a different colour tiles – again within a conservation area. Work already progressing prior to application – concern whether building regulations are being adhered to. Concern over change of use to takeaway due to the projected increase in litter in the area.

Determined Applications

B/17/0410 – Construction of single storey rear extension at Evergreen Farm, Wash Road, Kirton – GRANT

(Cllr Ransome did not take part in any discussions regarding planning)

Accounts for payment

a) Accounts for Payment – as per payment sheet dated December 2017/18 (9 of 12)

After a proposal from Cllr Ransome which was seconded by Cllr Watson, it was resolved that the accounts should be paid as per the payment sheet.

b) The precept was considered. After factoring in the repointing of the Town Hall, the precept was agreed.

Town Hall

The pointing was discussed and the contractor decided upon. The Clerk is to give the contractor the specification given by Lincolnshire Heritage as the mix to use for the pointing. It was resolved to get a patch done and then have it inspected by Heritage.

It was reported that the front right corner of the Town Hall is not well lit and therefore could be considered a trip hazard at the kerb. It was thought this is down to the light being switched off to the right of the Town Hall along the grass line. Cllr Bemrose will speak to the Chairman of the Town Hall and get it switched back on.


Cllrs Danby and Turner carried out an inspection of the memorials in both cemeteries. All memorials were checked and where they were unsafe, they were laid down. Cllr Danby will forward the list/position of memorials laid down to the Clerk for her records.

Reports for Various Bodies


Parish matters

a) Inspection Rota

b) War Memorial area – consider recent complaints and what could be done/if anything - This was discussed. It was resolved to monitor the litter issue. Also, if anyone sees anyone on skateboards within the War Memorial area to ask them to leave explaining what the area represents.

Locking the gates was discussed, but apart from checking whether this could be achieved (was there anyway of locking the gates) it was resolved to do nothing until further discussion at the next meeting.

- Clerk to find out how much litter signs were that the Borough uses to say that the Enforcement Officers operate in the village.

c) Reports from committee meetings held since last Council meeting.

The new lead for the Xmas committee is Cllr Bemrose.

Cllr Brotherton will step in as lead on the Cemetery Committee.

d) Consider approval of meeting dates for 2018

These were approved.


The Registers

Baptisms - We welcome into God’s family:

Oscar Burton

Weddings - We ask God's blessing on:

None this month

Funerals - We commend to God’s keeping:

Chas Briggs
Joan Slade
Arthur Blow