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November 2007

The Co-Editors Letter

Dear readers, Now that the little goblins, ghosts and witches have ceased their annual American tradition of ‘Trick or Treat’, we have a few days of peace before all the firework night festivities kick off. Then of course, there are less than 60 days left until we have Christmas upon us...seems like this year has flown by!

It has been an extraordinary year, in which we had an early summer, then months of rain, to culminate in yet more mildness..hope this doesn’t spoil the sprouts!
To mark this year ending, Kirton News will be launching its’ very own calendar, featuring notable areas of Kirton. We hope that you will give us your full support by buying one! Pre-ordering is advisable, as numbers are limited.

If you would like to feature in the calendar, there are 64 spaces that are available, to have your house, dog, car, etc., captured in this memorabilia. You could then have your own special 2008! Call me for details.

Tricia Mortimer

Tearfund Global Poverty Prayer Week
12th-18th November

Kings Church Kirton is holding a special service to present ‘Be part of a miracle’. This is Tearfund’s new vision to help us understand the human face of poverty and the difference which local churches, showing God’s Love can make.

Please join us at 6.30 pm in Kirton Town Hall on Sunday the 18th November; everyone can make a difference.

Bridget Langley



Memories of a Marine Engineer

In January 1960 I set off as a nineteen year old on a meandering stopping train from London to Immingham as an engineer apprentice about to join my first vessel. The train seemed to take for ever and arriving in Immingham station on a cold rainy day I walked across the railway lines to a cargo ship with what seemed to me to be a huge funnel. I learnt later this was a typical characteristic of the company vessels. Some wag said it was that way so you never got lost when exiting the pub in foreign parts!

I was extremely fortunate in as much as the ship was a fast liner vessel enroute to Australia. She was a steam turbine developing 10,250 shaft horse power and had a service speed of 18? knots which was pretty quick for those days. For the more technically minded she was equipped with two Babcock & Wilcox water tube boilers generating superheated steam at 450psi, fairly moderate, to three impulse turbine stages. The auxiliary electric power was produced by Allen diesel generating sets.
She had one refrigerated hold in which we carried frozen peas. The remaining cargo was mixed general including a large number of ‘Jaguar’ cars.

The engine room typical for a steam turbine was clean but smelt of steam and oil. The overwhelming sensation was the blast of hot air when you opened the engine room door. The gearbox from the turbine was a two stage reduction unit and our propeller as far as I can remember would have a rotational speed of about 120 revolutions per minute. It was all very exciting for me.

Our first port of call was the Suez Canal. At this time I noticed a rather drawn individual dressed in off white vest and shorts. I mentioned this to the second engineer who laughed and explained that this was our Radio Officer and he was a bottle and a half a day man. He meant gin. For some unknown reason at that time radio officers were usually Irish and alcoholics. I think perhaps it was because being stuck in front of a radio set every day must have been very boring. The booze was cheap being duty free.

About this time we changed from blue uniform (serge or barathea trousers and blazer with brass buttons and rings on the sleeves, purple for engineers) to whites which were a tropical uniform consisting of white shoes, long white socks, shorts, short sleeve shirts with epaulettes and a white peaked cap. I have never forgotten the reprimand I received from the Captain who had the impressive name of Cook during Board of Trade Sports. This was held every Sunday morning at 10 o’clock at sea and was a slang name for boat drill. I should explain that Captains and Chief Engineers then were like gods and never spoke to lowly minions like me. ‘Pull your socks up Booth’ he roared. It was fairly obvious to me that how smart you appeared was more important than the drill.

Sports day was followed by officers retreating to the bar before a heavy curry lunch and siesta although the drinks part didn’t apply to apprentices; we couldn’t afford it. The vessel had two deck and two engineer apprentices. We spent most Sunday afternoons studying and playing monopoly in the evenings.

The ship duly arrived in Melbourne, our first port of call in Australia. Our itinerary was Melbourne, Sydney (north and southbound), Newcastle and Brisbane. More of this in the next issue.

Roger Booth

War Memorial Remembered

On behalf of The Royal British Legion, I am researching the history of each of the 84 names from two World Wars that are etched on the Memorial. The object being to compile it in a book before it is completely lost in time.
I would like therefore to make an appeal in the magazine for any information anyone may have reference any of the names.

The information I am looking for is where they lived, who their parents were, how many in the family, where they went to school, who they worked for before joining H.M. Forces. Any scrap of information will be appreciated.

Contact : Stanley Naylor, Chairman.
Telephone: 01205 722594.
e-mail: stannaylor@talktalk.net



Frampton Gardening Club

Our speaker for the September meeting was Nick Lance who told me not to worry if he was late which immediately had the opposite effect. How late is late? Bill and I tried to drag out the club business bit and then eureka! Nick arrived.

The subject was ‘Beautiful houses and gardens in Lincolnshire’. Nick took us round the county looking at historic houses and smaller properties all with beautiful gardens giving us information as he went along. Surprisingly there are many interesting houses and gardens to visit in our county but not so many National Trust properties. Nevertheless I think all those he showed us are in the Yellow Book of gardens.

Our future speakers and subjects are:
29th November: Harold Leach - Winter colour in the garden.
December: No meeting
January: The annual dinner will be at the County Club - date to be advised.

Pauline Chubb

Around the homes - News from The Chestnuts

Brian had a birthday August 21st. We went to Grantham on an outing with Trish on the 14th of August and had a very nice day. Eileen and Laura are back after their summer break also Peg. We are ready for the Autumn, the garden is looking nice. Eileen and Tony brought some miniature conifers and they are growing nicely also the geraniums are looking lovely. We have Sarah Ashwood fashions to visit us and the residents were impressed. We had a nibbles night Saturday the 18th and all enjoyed it, also a game of dominoes.

We still have a fish and chip meal every other Saturday, We have a coffee morning every Monday morning, We are making a blanket for the Pilgrim hospital also for the hospice.

N Bamber & E Pearson

Kirton Kids Club

I cannot believe another month has gone by so fast. It has been a very busy one with the start of the new school year, lots of very excited children and a lot of apprehensive parents.

The Club has been a hub of activity, the onslaught of some really nice weather meaning the children could use the outside facilities during all sessions. The young ones enjoy the sand pit, bikes, buggies and sports equipment, while the older children race around during their sessions on scooters and skateboards as well as playing rounders, football or quick cricket. Children can choose indoor or outdoor play during the nice weather, and enjoy their snacks outside too if they wish.

There are always different arts and crafts to keep the children busy each day too. Just as we got used to the ‘Indian Summer’, overnight we had autumn upon us! The children are adapting well though, and really enjoyed the conker-collecting outing we had! They each had the chance to collect as many conkers as they could in the ten minutes we were in village. We then went back to the club to see how many each child had collected. There was a lot of ‘loud counting’ and piles of conkers all over the club hall floor! The highest amount of conkers collected by a single child that day was nearly eighty! (I bet their parents were thrilled to have them taken home by the very proud children too).

Even the pre-school children enjoyed a walk along the footpath next to the church collecting conkers. Their small handfuls were equally shown off proudly at home time.
The Club is open for the ‘Halloween’ October term holiday and the planning is already finished – this is always a really fun packed holiday week and the children always enjoy the Halloween theme. No doubt I will have a plenty to write about next month.
Our thanks go out again to the local businesses that continue to support the club. Without the support of these businesses and charities the children would not have access to such an amazing club and facilities. Parents would not be able to send their children to a club that offers such good value for money.

If you wish to have a look at the club or would like to book your children in, we are open – breakfast club (7.30am to school) and after school club (3.20 to 5.45pm). Club staff escort the children to and from school.

We also offer pre-school afternoon play sessions for children - two years and upwards.
For further information on any of the above please phone 722426 in club times.

The Mother’s Union

Please note the November meeting will be a week earlier than usual on Wednesday the 7th November at 7.15 pm in the Methodist Church Hall. This is our AGM and fundraising charity evening.

It is also the meeting when we think about the programme for 2008, the theme being ‘Time for Relationship’. It will be followed by a ‘scone and cream’ supper. I would like to say how delighted we are to be able to help the ‘Tiny Totz’ group and thank them for the very warm welcome to their happy sessions.

Helen Airey

Puppet Show fun for children

The Churches in Kirton are organising a puppet show followed by refreshments and games on Saturday 10th November.

The fun starts at 3pm when the puppets will present a sketch and some sing some songs. The children will then have the chance to get involved in the performance and learn how to operate the puppets. This event takes place at the Methodist Church on London Road, and is free for children between the ages of 4 and 11 years. The whole event will finish at 5pm. To book your child’s place or for more details contact Jonathan, tel: 725055 or Sheila, tel: 722701.

One of the telephone numbers in the regular ‘worship section’ of the magazine has changed. One of the Junior church contact numbers is given as 366054, but it is now 725055. Many thanks.




Music Workshops for Children

At Kirton Town Hall starting Saturday the 3rd November 10.30 am - 12 midday. Sessions will include: instrument playing, singing – songs from all around the world, music and movement, hand drumming, instrument making and composition

Lots of fun for all, no experience necessary, ages 4 – 11 years.
Cost - £ 1 per child, per session, (funded by LNF). Please call to book places or for more details call Liz on 01775 841750.

Scarlet Community Music Club
Email:Liz@scarletrecording.co.uk www.scarletmusicservices.co.uk/scmc

Pay me....maybe?

If any readers sometimes think that they would like to cover the cost of the magazine that is freely delivered to the door, but are unsure how to go about this, it is always possible to hand cash to myself, Tricia Mortimer. I can be found every weekday morning at Kirton Primary School, dropping my daughter off, and then again at 3.15pm collecting her. This would be from the nursery side of school. Alternatively, if you are passing, the money would also be welcome through the door, at either Roger Booth’s or mine by hand delivery.

Though it is not compulsory, it would be a wonderful help towards covering the printing costs, and maintaining the deliveries for the future. Thank you.

Tricia Mortimer

Kirton Senior Citizens Christmas Meal & Entertainment

Will be held on Monday 10th December 2007, at 6.30 p.m. in Kirton Town Hall. This is available to all Senior Citizens who are resident in Kirton Parish.
Tickets are 50p each and available from Fossitt & Thorne (The Green).

Geoff Sharp - Clerk to Kirton Parish Council - Tel: 01205 361634

Opening Hours: The Parish Office (Town Hall) is open every Tuesday  9.30a.m. - 12.30 p.m, (Tel: 01205 723972 during these times).
Website: Log onto the Kirton Parish Council Website for information:


Green Waste Collections

In the last issue I said that the last green waste collection would be the 24th October.
Now the Boston Borough Council have extended this and there are now additional collections on the 10th and 24th November.

Roger Booth

Frampton Playgroup

This month at playgroup has been as busy as any other and we are pleased to say that the new children are settling in well to the playgroup routine. However there are some spaces available for sessions through out the week, for more information on this please call the number below and speak to Sue our playgroup manager.

We have had a very crafty month and have all enjoyed being creative by making our own rockets and robots out of unwanted everyday household items. Some of them were out of this world!

We have also been fortunate enough to purchase some new toys and equipment. Everybody has had great fun exploring and playing with the new additions to playgroup, so far the Lego and the space set have proved very popular.
We are currently looking to welcome new committee members and we are also looking for a treasurer so if you think you may be interested or would like to find out more please do not hesitate to call Sue.

At present we are collecting the Tesco sports vouchers. These go towards new equipment for playgroup, so if you are collecting these and have some to spare we would be very grateful for them. There is a collection box for these in Frampton village hall.

Finally we would like to say a big thank you to Tom Fletcher and Mrs Chean for kindly donating their out grown and un-used toys, they are very much appreciated.

If you would like to be involved in playgroup or would like to discuss the availability of places please contact Sue our manager on 07939 266154.


The Registers

We welcome into God's family:
9th September - Zennon James Dix
9th September - Lucy May Potts
23rd September - Riley George Bell
7th October - Beau Alexander Sampson

We offer our congratulations to:
22nd September - Mathew James Lee and Elsa Marie Edmond

We commend to God's keeping:
1st October - Peter Taylor Hall



The magazine committee wish to say ‘Thank-you’ for the following donations
which are much appreciated.

Kings Church Kirton - £50

Donations for the magazine may be taken into Fossitt & Thorne (The Green), enclosed in an envelope.


Army Cadets News

As some of you may be aware, Kirton Army Cadets have recently returned from their annual camp in Strensall near York August 20th-30th. Kirton cadets joined hundreds more from all over Lincolnshire to enjoy 10 fun packed days.

They enjoyed various activities such as the following, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, fieldcraft, map & compass, drill, shooting and much, much more.

Our more advanced senior cadets went out for 4 days at Catterick for a fieldcraft expedition, and the other seniors took part in the Community Sport Leadership award
During camp were a host of competitions which a few our cadets from Kirton took part in. Our Company won all but one of these competitions.

As a result of our high standard of training, administration, cadet promotions, attendance and star passes our Company also managed to keep hold of the title Best Company. This is 11 years that we have won now.