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Greetings for 2018, many of you may be familiar with our cover illustration this month. Field Marshal Horatio Herbert the 1st Earl Kitchener KG, KP, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, PC – renowned mainly for his scorched earth policy against the Boers and establishment of the first concentration camps – he found less notoriety in the recruitment campaign of 1914 organizing a volunteer army to fight on the Western Front as then Secretary of State for War. His image was revived in the late sixties as a fashionable motif, diluting his military standing and perhaps sometimes dubious achievements. Past suitably smothered (as with many public figures who could be subject to war crimes since then [Johnson; Blair; Bush Jnr.; et al] ) our history lesson concludes.

Kitchener did formerly appear on the cover of this magazine in September 2010 when a desperate appeal went out to save the publication. Three answered the call to tackle the various tasks which bring you Kirton News. Only one remains.... moi! And I’ve done my bit along with the rest of the committee who have many more years of dedicated service under their respective belts.

So the call goes out again, as stated in the November edition of last year: and without volunteers to edit; handle the advertising; look after billing and banking; oversee distribution and manage and grow the website April of 2018 will see the final edition of Kirton News after more than 50 years service to the community.

You won’t get paid but I’m sure if you’re canny enough revenue could come from the website. People do seem to make fortunes out of these things – I don’t know how – but that would be down to you. Whoever YOU are: assuming YOU exist.

I have entertained you over the years (not my judgement but the sentiment of many commentators) and tried to highlight local issues, tackle problems, support worthy causes and generally annoy the cr*p out of some in (what they consider to be) so called authority.

And I shall still be available to rattle cages. I have never made any secret of where or who I am or how to contact me. If I can be of help then everyone knows my location. I shall also be here to support any and all new committee members in the transition: as will the members of the present Committee. If you care about community, YOUR Community; then get in touch: but things need to be in place by the end of February to ensure continuity of production. The distribution network – magnificent and mind-blowingly efficient – is also a fragile entity and, if the production cycle is broken it will forever fade away.

So there we have it... Down to you.

One last lamentable task is to reference the report of the Parish Council minutes in this month’s mag. Because of how meetings fall we are usually a couple of months behind but still think the reporting of issues is a valuable source of information. The current item includes mention of Alan Lee, former Chair of the Parish Council and long standing member of both the Parish and Borough. It is with regret that we recognize his passing, all too soon and appalingly sudden, and wish to record our deepest sympathies to his family, friends and associates.




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