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Hi everyone! As a departure from my usual letter to you all, I thought it would be nice to meet some of the people who run the many businesses we now have in the village. I have a few folks lined up to take part and this issue, we’re going to meet the lovely Jen Sanders, who back in September, opened her shop, Evelyn Ruby Cakes. As always, please contact me if you have any editorial or letters!

1) When did you start making/decorating cakes and were you inspired by anyone? I began baking when I moved back to Boston 11.5 years ago when I worked at the Ferryboat Inn in Langrick as a chef. I started making a birthday cakes for children of friend’s which were awful but you have to start somewhere! My first great cake was my sons 1st birthday cake. I made a 3D monkey cake which was his favourite toy at the time. It looked very realistic and everyone asked me where I'd bought it from, so I proudly told them I made it. From then on I practised with friends and family orders until I decided to get registered and set up my own business 6 years ago. I have always been inspired by my Nan who used to be a cake decorator too. She used to sit with me at her kitchen table showing me how to make flowers, use petal dust and I used to play around with her equipment. We always talked about opening our own cake shop one day.

2) Any baking disasters early on? Oh most definitely! So many lessons learnt early on, 'm still learning now. One cake I remember making for a friend at work was a boxing ring cake. All went fine until I hadn't a clue how to do the rope around it. I decided to use dowels and strawberry laces but it wouldn't stand up straight and the dowels kept making huge holes in the cake. I had to give up. I ended up baking a new cake at midnight, then decorating it to look like a boxing glove throughout the night so it was ready by the morning. I think I got around 2 hours sleep at the most that night.

3) What do you love most about your job? Meeting all the locals for sure. I've met so many lovely people since being here and learnt that Kirton really is a nice place to work.

4) Any hard lessons learned since opening your own shop? I knew what I was letting myself in for so it's no surprise but the hardest thing is working 16 hour days during the week and only having 1 day off a week (if that). It really is never ending but I love it.

5) How do you juggle everything (business and family life)? With difficulty. I have lots of help from my other half, Rob and I couldn't do it without him. He generally does the school run if he's not working, takes the kids to their after school clubs and gets tea ready. My mother in law helps out and my mum generally comes once a week for a deep clean so you may have seen her outside cleaning the shop windows!

6) What's your favourite cake flavour? Well after having cake in the house every day for the last 6 years I'm not really a cake fan anymore! I do love a brownie though or a cookie sandwich (with Nutella or marshmallow fluff inside).

7) Any ideas for the shop/business in the future? I have a lovely room at the back of the shop which has plenty of tables and chairs in making it perfect for hiring out to clubs and groups should anyone wish to do so. I would also love to hold more pop-up shops to bring a variety of temporary shops to Kirton which helps other small businesses too. I am now selling a beautiful selection of kitchen, homeware and gift items which include travel mugs, picnic bags and lunch boxes, children's baking sets and aprons etc. I have started selling cheesecakes which has really took off so once I get packaging sorted I will be selling these by the whole, half or quarter so you can mix and match flavours.





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